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Balaloo Lammy

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Balaloo, Lammy

Balaloo, Lammy

     Now balaloo, lammy, now baloo, my dear,
     Now balaloo, lammy, ain mammie is here.
     What ails my wee bairnie? What ails it this night?
     What ails my wee lammy?  Is bairnie no right?

     Now balaloo, lammy, now baloo, my dear,
     Does wee lammy ken that its daddie's no here?
     Ye're rockin' fu' sweetly on mammie's warm knee,
     But daddie's a-rockin' upon the saut sea.

     Moffat TSNR (1933), 3, with music (titled from the first
     3 words, subtitled "Cradle Song").

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