Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Baby on the Doorstep

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Baby on the Doorstep

Baby on the Doorstep

The night was cold and stormy, the driven snow lay deep
A woman crept in silence along an empty street
And from the robe she carried, a baby's cry there came
'Twas "Hush" the woman whispered, "Dear child without a name"

She took the baby from her where it was safe and warm
And left it on a doorstep alone out in the storm
All night  the snow kept fallin', the baby seemed to cry
"Oh, mama, why'd you leave me out here in the cold to die?"

But Mother could not hear her for she had gone away
Alone in shame to suffer a sin with grief to pay
The baby cried no longer, the snow kept comin' down
And soon the little bundle was just a white snow mound

Next morn the door was opened and on the steps they found
The baby's lifeless body beneath the little mound
And when they looked upon her, her face so sweet and fair
Her lips just seemed to ask them "Why did nobody care?"

Baby on the doorstep, lonely little one
Whose little heart keeps cryin' "Mama, where've you gone?"
No one there to love you, no one to keep you warm
Baby on the doorstep, dyin' in the storm

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