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"Made my vow to the Lord, t f                       And I never will turn back;
I will go, I shall go, To see what the end will be."
v                        "He sees all you do,
He hears all you say; ,                         My Lord is writing all the time.
'                      Run, Mourner, run,
Low, says the Bible; Run, Mourner, run Low is the way."
"Prayer is the key to Heaven, Faith unlocks the door."
These are some of the golden thoughts of which these songs are full. They are ever calling us from discouragement and fears, they lead us to face with confidence the hostile forces of life. Because we liave such fathers and such inheritance, we are ashamed not to be striving ever and ever onward and upward, we are ashamed not to do our best. It nerves us to fight. To their understanding of our fathers more than to any other cause, is due this agreeable difference between this second generation of southern Negroes and other classes. In conclusion it must be stated that though the different groups are affected in their regard for this music, by time, place, and environ�ment and consequently make different manifestations of their regard, deep down in their hearts they share a common feeling. Though all may not sing these songs openly, they sing them in their souls. They are a part of the very breath they breathe, and of the life they live. They influence their lives and help mould their character.