Folk Music in The United States


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Chapter VII

1.  I am grateful to Professor Thelma James for permission to use a Serbo-Croatian collection. In addition, I have used a Maste/s thesis by Helen Goranowsld, An Analysis of 65 Polish Folk Songs, Wayne University, 1951. An important pubhcation resulting from the collecting program at Wayne is Harriet M. Pawlowska, ed.. Merrily We Sing; 105 Polish Folksongs (Detroit, 1961).

2.  This includes recorded songs and written song-texts, in original as well as translation, with background information on songs and informants. The following ethnic groups were included: native white and Negro, German, Polish, Czech, Italian, Armenian, Scottish, Greek, Albanian, Russian, and Himgarian. The only part of this material published so far is by Bnmo Nettl and Ivo Moravcik, "Czech and Slovak Songs Collected in Detroit," Midwest Folklore, VI (1956), 37-49.

3.  All statements of population growth are based on Albert Mayer, A Study of the Foreign-Born Population of Detroit 1870-1950 (Detroit, 1951), mimeographed.

4.  Shulamith Rybak, "Puerto Rican Children's Songs in New York," Midwest Folklore, VIII (1958), 5-20.

5.  These groups are hsted among the official and semi-official organizations of the ethnic groups in a detailed Hsting by Albert Mayer, Ethnic Groups in Detroit: 1951 (Detroit, 1951), mimeographed.

6.  Jacob A. Evanson, "Folk Songs of an Industrial City," George Korson, ed., Pennsylvania Songs and Legends (Philadelphia, 1949), pp. 423-466.

Chapter IX

1.  Fritz Bose, personal communication in 1955.

2.  Frances Densmore, Teton Sioux Music (Washington, 1918). Chapter X

1.  The material in this chapter is partially based on two important general histories of American music, which also include thorough bibhogra-phies: John Tasker Howard, Our American Music (New York, 1939) and Gilbert Chase, America's Music (New York, 1955).

2.  Howard, Our American Music, p. 331.

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