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Song & Tune Title Index - UPT10

Note: Not all fake books or real books have the same format, most will have sheet music with chords marked, some also have lyrics, a few have tablature, they are sometimes also available in different keys and arrangements to suit different instruments.

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Song/Tune TitleBook
Uptight (Everything's Alright)RLUFB3
Uptight (Everything's Alright)UFB3
Uptown GirlBFBE
Uptown GirlRLBFB
Used to be a cha-chaNRBV3
Ush'avtem MayimJFB
Utah Iron Horse, TheFFB
Utsu EtsaJFB
Utter ChaosRLUJFB
Utter ChaosUJFB
Uva'u Ha'ovdimJFB
V'david Y'fe EnayimJFB
V'hi She'amdaJFB
V'lirushalayim IrchaJFB