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Song & Tune Title Index - BOD10

Note: Not all fake books or real books have the same format, most will have sheet music with chords marked, some also have lyrics, a few have tablature, they are sometimes also available in different keys and arrangements to suit different instruments.

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Song/Tune TitleBook
Body And SoulRLUJFB
Body And SoulUFB3
Body And SoulUJFB
Body And Soul composed by J.Green, E.Heyman, R.Sour, F.EytonJJRB
Body And Soul J.Green, E.Heyman, R.Sour, F.EytonJSRB
Bohemian RhapsodyBFBE
Bohemian RhapsodyMFB
Bohemian RhapsodyRLBFB
Bois Epais (Sombre Woods) composed by Jean Baptiste LullyCFB2
Bold Fenian Men, TheCFB
Bold Fenian Men, TheFFB
Bold FishermanFFB
Bold Robert EmmetCFB
Bold Robert EmmetFFB
Bold Soldier, TheFFB