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Song & Tune Title Index - ARE10

Note: Not all fake books or real books have the same format, most will have sheet music with chords marked, some also have lyrics, a few have tablature, they are sometimes also available in different keys and arrangements to suit different instruments.

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Song/Tune TitleBook
Are You Havin' Any Fun?RLBFB
Are You Havin' Any Fun?RLUBFB4
Are You Havin' Any Fun?UBFB
Are you lonesome tonight?RWLPFB
Are you lonesome tonight?MACU
Are You Lonesome Tonight?RLUFB3
Are You Lonesome Tonight?UCFB
Are You Lonesome Tonight?UFB3
Are you my love?MACU
Are you really mine?MFFB
Are you sincereMACU
Are You SincereRLUFB3
Are You SincereUCFB
Are You SincereUFB3
Are You SleepingFFB