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Click on the tune number (under Tune #) to go to the page showing that tune. When in that page, left click on the speed selector to play the tune, or click back on your browser to return to this page. Note: The midi arrangements are intended for reference and educational purposes only, and have been designed to emphasize the melody (left channel) and the rhythm with a simple bass and chord backing (right channel)


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Title Tune # Key Lyrics?
Abbotts Bromley Horn Dance 000144 GMin No
After The Ball 000178 GMaj Yes
Allons A Lafayette 000264 AMaj Yes
Alouette 000267 CMaj Yes
American Patrol 000292 GMaj No
Anniversary Waltz 000370 GMaj No
Arkansas Traveller 000413 DMaj Yes
Au Clair De La Lune 000504 GMaj Yes
Auld Lang Syne 000507 CMaj Yes
Balmoral Highlanders, The 000645 AMaj No
Barres d' la Prison 000740 GMaj Yes
Blackbird, The 001022 DMix No
Blue Bell Polka 001084 GMaj No
Bridal/Wedding March 001391 GMaj No
Cajun Two Step 010091 GMaj No
Charming Phyllis 001834 DMaj No
Chicken Dance 001880 CMaj No
Daisy Bell 002391 GMaj Yes
Daisy Daisy 002392 DMaj Yes
Dashing White Sergeant 002466 DMaj Yes
Dorset 4 Hand Reel 002774 GMaj No
Dorsetshire March, The 002778 DMaj No
Duke Of Perth 002926 GMaj No
Durang's Hornpipe 002952 DMaj No
Garry Owen 012270 AMaj No
Gay Gordons, The 008278 AMaj No
Gentleman Hill's Quickstep 003805 GMaj No
God Save The Queen 003965 DMaj Yes
Golden Slippers 004001 CMaj Yes
Grand Mamou 004081 GMaj Yes
Grand Old Duke Of York 004075 DMaj No
Grand Texas (Jambalaya) 005185 GMaj Yes
Guantanamera 004193 FMaj Yes
Happy One-step, The 004309 GMaj No
Hava Nagilah 014600 CMaj Yes
Hava Netze Bamachol 012428 Dmin No
Heel And Toe Polka 004430 GMaj No
Helston Floral (Furry) Dance 1900 009868 GMaj No
Hob Or Nob or the Campbell's Are Coming 014605 BMaj No
House Of The Rising Sun 004664 GMaj Yes
Israel Mazurka 012690 DMin No
Jenny Lind's Polka 005237 DMaj No
John Brown's body 005340 DMaj Yes
Johnny I Do Miss You 005413 DMaj No
Jolie Blonde 005446 GMaj Yes
King Of The Fairies 005682 EMin Yes
Knees Up, Mother Brown 005730 GMaj Yes
La Cumparsita (Tango) 011420 CMaj No
Lancer's, The 005880 DMaj No
Land Of Hope And Glory 005883 CMaj Yes
Lilli Bulero 006061 GMaj Yes
Little Brown Jug 006111 DMaj Yes
Loch Lomond (march time version) 010637 GMaj Yes
Lord Of The Dance (Simple Gifts) 006279 GMaj Yes
Mamou Two Step 006516 GMaj No
Man On The Flying Trapeze, The 006515 GMaj Yes
Marching Through Georgia 006551 DMaj Yes
Mazurka Backup Rhythm 006670 GMaj No
Mexican Hat Dance 006411 GMaj No
Midway Two Step/Wafus Two Step 006790 CMaj Yes
Minuet 1 006830 GMaj No
Minuet 2 006831 AMaj No
Morecambe Bay 006963 DMaj No
Moscow Nights(Midnight In Moscow) 006987 CMaj No
Newcastle 007321 GMaj No
Northern Lights 007410 DMaj No
Oh Susanna (1848) 007548 GMaj Yes
Plaisir D'Amour 008146 GMaj Yes
Rakes Of Mallow 008488 GMaj Yes
Red Wing 008588 GMaj Yes
Road To The Isles, The 008718 GMaj Yes
Rodney's Glory 008769 ADor No
Rose Tree 008842 DMaj No
Rule Britannia 008904 CMaj No
Sailor's Hornpipe 008957 GMaj No
Saint Annes Reel (G) 008969 GMaj No
Sally Sloan's Varsoviana 013708 GMaj No
Sally Sloane's Mazurka 013709 DMaj No
Santa Lucia 014749 GMaj Yes
SCHOTTISCHE Backup Rhythm 011070 DMaj No
Scotland The Brave 009121 GMaj Yes
Stirling Castle 009774 DMaj No
Tango Rhythm (American) 010818 CMaj No
Tango Rhythm (Argentina) 010154 GMaj No
Trip To Paris, A 010398 AMaj No
Turkey In The Straw 010458 GMaj Yes
Volga Boatmen(Song Of) 010658 CMaj Yes
Waltz Back up bass & chord suggestion. 000016 DMaj No
When Johnny Comes Marching Home 010969 CMaj Yes
When You And I Were Young Maggie 010998 GMaj Yes
Winster Gallop 011179 GMaj No
Winster Processional 011180 GMaj No
Yankee Doodle (C) 011274 CMaj Yes
Zydeco Est Pas Sale 011383 AMaj Yes

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