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450 Of The World's Best Songs And Hymns, With Lyrics & Sheet music for voice & piano.

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The kittle Busy
The Little Leaves. 6
The Little Voice, 8
The Long. Weary Day, a
The Long Years, i
The Lord into his Garden ,5
The Lord's Prayer, 1
The Loreley, 1
The Low-Backed Car, 4
The Lover's Sigh. 8
The Mahogany Tree, 4
The Maister, 3
The May Queen, a
The Mellow Horn, a
The Mercy Seat, 5
The Merry Birds, 8
The Midnight Moon, 8
The Midshipmite, 8
The Miller of the Dee, a
The Minstrel Boy, I
The Minstrel's Request, 8
The Monkey's Wedding, 7
The Moon is Beaming, 3
The Morning Light, 4
The Mother's Wish, I
The Mountain Bugle, 3
The Mourner, I
The Night is Pine, 4
The Noontide Ray, 3
The Officer's Puneral, 6
The Old Arm Chair, 3
The Old Familiar Place, 1
The Old Lock, 7
The Old Oaken Bucket, 1,4
The Old Sexton, 4
The Pagoda Bells, 4
The Palms. 7
The Party at the Zoo, 6
ThePe'rl that Worldlings.a
The Pilot, 4
The Quiet Night, 8
The Red, Rea Rose, a
The River Lee, 3
The River's Message, 8
The Romany Lass, 8
The Rose Bush, 6
TheRose all are Praising, 3
The Rosy Crown, a
The Rowan Tree, 6
The Scout, 5
The Sea, the Sea, 8
The Sea Gulls, 6
The Seasons, 6
The Singing of Birds, 5
The Sky Lark, 3, 7
The Sleigh Ride, 7
The Slumber ^ong, a
The Soldier's Return, 7
The Soldier's Tear, 3
The Sound of Harps, 4
The Spacious Firmament,!
The Spirit in Our Hearts, 8
The Spring Has Come, 8
The Spring Time of vear, 3
The Standard Fearer, 8
The Star o' Glengary, 7
The Star of Hope, 8
The Styrian Land, a
The oun is Low, 7
The Sun o'er Mountain, 7
The Sweet Bird Winging,7
The Switzer'a Farewell, 3
The Tar's Farewell, 6
The Tear, 5
The Teetotalers Coming, 1
The Tempest, 8
The Tempest Rages Wild,5
The Third Day Was the
Marriage Feast, 7 The Tree of Odenwald, 6 The Trees and theMaster, 6 The Vacant Chair. 3 The Vesper Bells Ringing,6 The Vesper Chime, 4 The Voice of Free Grace, 3 The Waefu' Heart, 7 The Watcher, 4 The Water Into Wine, 7 The Water Mill, 3
The Wearv Are at Rest, 5
The Wee Bird, 7
The Wife's Welcome, 7
The Wood Horn, 6
The World is Full of Beauty, 4
The Yankee Boy, 7
The Years Creep Slowly By, 7
The Young Indian Maid, 7
Then You'll Remember Me, 2
There Came to the Beach, 4
There is a Bonny Isle, 7
There is a Happy Land, I
There is a Land, 5
There is Beauty in the Forest,4
There is Dew for Flow'ret, 5
There's a Dear Little Plant, 4
There's a Good Time Coming,8
There is a Green Hill far away ,5
There's a Land that is Fairer ,5
There's a Sigh in the Heart, 8
There's aWedding inOrchard, 1
There's Music in the Air, I
There's Not a Word, 7
There's Room Enough for A11.4
There Was LittleWaterSprite,4
There Was One Little Jack, 6
They Grew in Beauty, 3
Tliey Sailed Away, 4
This Happy Day 7
This is My Dream. 5
This World a Fleeting Show, 7
Those Endearing Charms, 1
Those Evening Bells, 1, a
Thou Art Gone from my Gaxe,7
Thou Art My Rose, 6
Thou Art So Near and Yet, 5
Thou Art the Way, 3
Though Lost to Sight, 8
Thoughts of Home, I
Thoughts of Wonder, 4
Thou'rt Like Unto a Flower, 4
Thou, Thou, Reignest, 7
Thou, Too, Sail On, O Ship, 8
Thou Wilt Never Grow Old, 4
Tho' You Leave Me in Sorr'w,7
Three Bells, 3
Three Cheers for Olden Time, 4
Three Children Sliding, 2
Three Fishers, 4
Three Kings of Orient, 7
Three Poor Mariners, 7
Thro' the Rustling Woods,4
Through the Wood, 3
Thy Face is Near. 8
ThyGlory thou didstManifest,7
Thy Name the Magic Spell, a
Thy Voice is Near, 5
Thy Way, Not Mine, O Lord, 3
Time Doth Pass Away, a
Timothy's Welcome, 6
Tippecanoe and Tyler Too, 6
Tired, So Tired, 7
'TisEveningBrings My Heart,7
'Tis God Who Ordains Me, 5
'Tis Lone on the Waters, a
'Tis Midnight Hour. 6
'Tis Moonlight on the Sea, 4
Tis Not True, 8
'TisYearsSince Last We Met, 6
Tit Willow, 5
To Alexis I Send Thee, 3
Too Late! Too Late! 5
To Thee, Our Father, 7
To Thy Pastures Fair, a
Touch Not the Cup, 3
Touch Us Gentjy. Time, 6
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, 5
Trancadillo, 4
Traveler's Evening Song, 6
Trip it Lightly, 8
Troika .Russian Driver' sSong, a
True Hearts, 8
True Love Can Ne'er Forget, a
True Love is Sweet, 5
Try, Try Again, 1
'Twas a Summer's Morning, 5
'Twas in Sunny RhinelandT 7
�Twere Vain to Tell Thee, 6
Twickenham Ferry, a
Twilight Dews. 4 Twilight is Falling, I Twinkle,Twinkle|Little Star.i Tyrolese Mountain Song, 7 Uncle Ned, 5
Underneath the May Tree, 7 Under Willow She's Sleeping,7 Upidee: "Excelsior," 1 Upon the Height I Stood, 3 Up the Hills, 1 Vacant Chair, 3 Verdant Grove, Farewell, 1 Vesper Bell, a Vesper Chime, 4 Vesper Hymn, a Vine Dresser's Song, 6 Viva L'America, a Vive Le Roi, 3 Visions of Morning, I Voices All Merry, 6 Wait tor the Wagon, 6 Waiting for Me. 8 Wake.for the Night is Flying, a Wake, Happy Children, 3 Wake, Nicodemus, 3 Waking Flowers, 7 Wakiug or Sleeping, 3 Wake, Wake the Morning, I Wanderer's Farewell, 3 Wandering Willie, 5 Wander Staff 1 Warren's Address, a Watchman.Tell of the Night, 3 Watch on the Rhine, I Water Mill, 3 Wear a Bright Smile, 6 We Are All Noddin', 4 We Are Fairies of the Sea, 8 We Are Tenting To-night, 6 Wearing ol the Green, 5 Weary, So Weary, 7 We'd Better Bide a Wee, a Weep for the Fallen, 1 We Hail Thee, Glad Spring, 8 We Have Been Friends, 1 We Come with Joyful Greet'g^ We Have Lived and Loved, a We Lay Us Down to Sleep, 1 Welcome, Fair Evening, 6 Welcome, Pretty Primrose, 8 Welcome to Morning, 1 Well-a-Day, Ah, Well-a-Day, 4 We'll Go to the Mountains, 5 We'll Laugh and Sing, 4 We Love to Go Each Day, 6 We May be Happy Yet, 5 We May Rove the WideWorld.i We Met, 'Twas in a Crowd, 8 We Praise Thee, O God, 7 We RoamThro'ForestShades,3 We Sat by the River, 8 WeSpeak of Realms of Blest, 6 We Three Kings of Orient, 7 We were Crowded in Cabin, 8 Wha'll Buy Caller Herrin', 3 What a Charm has the Drum, 4 What a Friend in Jesus, 4 What Are WildWaves Saying,4 What Can the Matter Be, 1 What Fairy-like Music, 1 What I Love and Hate, 1 What is Home With' t Mother.a What Means This Glory, 5 What's a' the Steer,Kimmer. 3 What Will You Do, Love, 1 WhenAll theWorld is Young, 4 When at Twilight So Softly, 6 WhenHis Salvation Bringing,6 When I Come, 5 When I Remember, 4 When I Was a Beggarly Boy, 6 When I Was a Lad, 1 Whenjack isTall andTwenty,8 When Little Samuel Woke, 4 When Night Comes O'er, 5 When Other Friends, 3 When Roses Bloom, 6 When SI all We Meet Again, 1 When Soft Stars are Peeping, 4
When Stars in Quiet Skies. J When Sweet Music, 6 When Bloom is on the Rye, � When the Boats Come Home,t When the Corn is Waving, 6 When Day with Rosy Light, 1 When the Golden Morn, 4 When the Green Leaves, a When the Humid Showers, 3 When the Kye Come Hame, 3 When the Leaves, 3 When Leaves Are Falling, 8 When the Mists Have Rolled,! When Morn o'er Mountain, 3 When the Night Wind, 6 When the Soft Twilight, 5 When the Summer Rain, 4 When the Swallow Comes. 6 When Swallows Homew'd fly, When This Cruel War is Over,* When Twilight Dews, 4 When Up the Mountain, 3 When We Arrive at Home 5 When wild War's deadly blast,) When You and I were Young,! Where Are Now the Hopes, 4 Where Are the Friends, a Where Are Those Dreamers, J Where Gadie Rins, 5 Where is German Fath'land, t WherelsNow theMerry Party,! Where My Home Lies, 7 Where, My Pretty Maid, 3 Where Roses Fair, 8 Where the Aspens Quiver, 7 Where the Faded Flower. 7 Where Warbling Waters, 6 Whether You Whisper Low, I Whichever Way the Wind, 3 While ShepherdsWatched, 7 While the Days are Going bjr, t While the Morning Bells, a While We Shed a Tear, 6 Whistle and Hoe, 2 White Blossoms, 7 Who is he Plants for the Days,*. Who'll Buy My Posies, 3 Who Rides Yonder, Proud, 7 Who Shall be Fairest, 4 Why Do I Weep for Thee, 7 Why Do Summer Roses Fade, t Why Left I My Hame, 3 Why Linger, Mourn'r Mem'ry,S Why Weep Ye by the Tide, j Wide-Wide-Wenne, 5 Will You Go, Lassie, Go, 3 WillYouLoveMeThen asNow.8 Winkum, Winkum, 8 With Crown and Sceptre, 6 With Glory Lit the Midnight,* With Glowing Heart, 1, 2 Within a Mile of Edinboro, 3 With Joy We Hail, 5 Wonderful Weaver, 6 Won'tYouTellMeWhy.Robin.a Woodman, Spare That Tree, 3 Words, Vain Words, 5 Work and Play.'i Work,for theNight isComing.i Yankee 3oy, 7 Yankee Doodle, 3 Ye Banks an' Braes, 1 Ye Golden Lamps of Heaven, 5 Yeoman's Wedding Song, 6 Ye Sons of France, Awake, ( Ye Sons of the Nation, 6 Yes, the Die is Cast, 3 Yestreen the Queen, o Y'heave Ho, My Lads, 5 You and I, 8 You and Me, 5 You Have Told Me, 8 You Never Miss the Water, 6 Young Agnes, 8 Young Indian Maid, 7 Young May Moon, 5 Your Hand is Cauld as Snaw * Your Mission, 1 Zephyr of Nightfall, 5
Each Number contains a Brief but Comprehensive treatment of the Elements of Music, so presented as to be readily taught, comprising One Hundred points in Eight pages. No Leaf is Turned to complete any Song or Hymn found in these Books The space above and below the Music is so utilized as to make room for Twenty-five or Thirty Pages of Reading Matter in each Number, a distinctive and excellent feature of the Series. Prices, post-paid Paper, 50 Ct; Boards, 60 Cts.; Cloth, $1.00.                                                                                                                         
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