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If to be effective the work of education must have regard to all the powers of the human soul, it should not neglect the imagination, or phantasy, which most certainly enters into the activities of will and intelli�gence in our earliest youth as well as in our ripened age. The world of art is no less real than the world of thought. While truth is searched often by a process of analytic thought, demanding on this account a thorough discipline of the intellect; the beautiful is grasped by an aesthetic intuition, demanding for this purpose a careful culture of the phantasy. In the one case we have the process of science; in the other, the process of art. Why neglect either, when their source is the
same? For when, by the phantasy, we see through and beneath the build of things, the primordial form governing all and in all manifesting its presence, what is this but the same truth in form which we reach through the analysis of thought? The same glory is in it after all, in the one case authenticating itself as truth through the activities of intellect; in the other case, looking out through the form, and revealing itself therein as the beautiful, through the intuitive glance of the phantasy. To the sphere of art, thus briefly characterized, music belongs, and addresses itself to that soul power which realizes the beautiful. The form material here in which the idea enshrines itself, and
through which it is made to reach in upon the soul, is in itself almost spiritual�viz., sound; and this is the chief medium through which the infinitude and in-definiteness of feeling can come to an expression. Therefore, we may say, in brief, that music is the utterance, under sound forms of sense, of the beautiful in those sentiments and aspirations which fill the heart, and thence gush forth like crystal waters from deep hidden springs. It is the outflowing of the feeling heart. While giving body to emotion and sentiment, with their power made tangible, as it were, it penetrates the soul, awakening depths of feeling and affection slumbering
there, and leading the whole engrasped spirit into sad or joyful communings with itself, or into wondrous and visionary excursions into the vast past of its hopes, and loves, or into the vaster future that lies before it like a far-off landscape in the evening twilight.�E. E. Higbee. Let us meet our gracious God with cheerful songs. Give him warm welcome to our hearts and hemes. Yield him, O yield him, the honors due to his holy name. Praise him for His goodness, now and for�ever� in time, as you are able; in eternity, with sweet-voiced, perfect praise. " Blessed be the Lord God of Israel; for He hath visited and redeemed His people."
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