Familiar Songs - Their Authors & Histories

300 traditional songs, inc sheet music with full piano accompaniment & lyrics.

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Heber, Reginald, sketch of, 99; songs by, 99,
512. Heffernan, I., song by, 638. Hemans, Felicia, sketch of, 215; songs by, 74,
103, 191, 206, 215, 533, 619, 628, 644. Herd, David, his collection of melodies, 380. Here awa', there awa', air of, 368. Here'8 a health to ane Ilo'e dear, 321. Hewer, W., song probably by, 435. Hewit, Richard, sketch of and song by, 264. Hewitt, D. C, sketch of and song by, 543. Hey, tuttie taittie, air of, 516. Highland Mary, 359.
Highland Watch's Farewell, The,air of, 268. Himmel, Friedrich Heinrich, sketch of and
song by, 535. Hine, James, song by, 363. Hoare, Prince, sketch of and song by, 167. Hoffman, Charles Fenno, sketch of and song
by, 451. Holmes, Oliver Wendell, quoted, 103, 568, 593, 595,
604. Hogg, James, sketch of and song by, 255. Home, sweet home, 41. Hood, Thomas, sketch of and song by, 12. Hook, James, sketch of, 410 ; songs by, 246, 410. Hook, Theodore, writes Kelly's " Reminiscences,"
52. Hopkinson, Joseph, sketch of and song by, 586. Horn, Charles Edward, sketch of, 301; songs
by, 274, 301. Horsley, William, sketch of and song attributed
to, 642. Hortense, Queen, sketch of and song by, 509. Hosmer, William H. C, his lines on Payne, 42. House of Glanis, The, air of, 265. Howitt, Mary, sketch of and song by, 599. How stands the glass around? 456. Hughes, Mrs., 215. (See Arkwright.) Huish the cat from under the table, air of, 259. Hullah, John, sketch of and song by, 181. Hunter, Mrs. John, sketch of and song by, 285. Hutchinson, J. J., song by, 630. Hutchinson, Joshua, 524, 525. Hutchinson, Jcdson, sketch of and song by, 537.
I am the Duke of Norfolk, air of, 399.
Td be a butterfly, 221.
Td be a parody, 223.
1 feed a lad at Michaelmas, air of, 8.
If thou wert by my side, 99.
I'll hang my harp on a willow-tree, 284.
I'm saddest when I sing, 98,
Incledon, anecdotes of, 121, 176.
Indian's death-song, The, 285.
1 ne'er lo'ed a laddie but ane, 381.
Ingle Side, The, 44.
In January last, air of, 371.
Inquiry, T/ie, 624. I remember, 14.
I remember, I remember, 12.
Irish tune, The, 82.
Irving, Washington, quoted, 310, 357.
I see them oti their winding vay, 512.
Isle of beauty, fare thee well, 95.
Ivy Green, The, 210.
Jamie's on the stormy sea, 159.
Janson, Miss, the lass of Richmond Hill, 246.
Jeanie Morrison, 314.
Jeannette and Jeannot, 338.
Jefferys, Charles, sketch of, 338 ; songs by.
29, 338, 389. Jessie, the Flower o' Dumblane, 372. Jock o' Hazeldean, 371. Jock o' Hazelgreen, old song of, 371. John Anderson, my jo, 399. John Brown's Body, 476. Johnny Armstrong's good night, air of, 650. Johnny Schmoker, probable origin of, 439. John O'Reilly the active, air of, 467. Johns, Capt., song by, 115. Johnson, Daniel, s-ketch of and song by, 100. Jolly Fellow, The, air of, 455. Jolly Young Waterman, The, 157. Jones, Penrose, his connection with " Rain on the
Roof," 56. Jonson, Ben, songs by, 460, 578. Jordan, Mrs., song by, 501.
Kate Kearney, 418.
Kathleen Mavourneen, 333.
Kean, Edmund, 175.
Kelly, Michael, sketch of and song by, 52.
Kennedy, Miss, heroine of Bonnie Doon, 344.
Keppel, Caroline, sketch of and song by, 355.
Key, Francis Scott, sketch of and song by, 592.
Kiallmark, E., sketch of and song by, 307,
Kidd, William, sketch of, 171.
Kind Robin lo'es me, 380.
King Charles, 122.
King James's march into Ireland, the air of, 82.
King, M. P., sketch of and song by, 122.
King, W. A., 122.
Kingsley, Charles, sketch of, 181 ; songs by 181,
187. Kinney, Coates, sketch of and song by, 56. Kittredge, Walter, sketch of and song by, 524. Kilty Neil, 259.
Kneass, Nelson, sketch of and song by, 9. Knight, Joseph Philip, sketch of, 194; songs by,
194, 281. Knipp, Mrs., her singing, 328. Korner, Karl Theodore, sketch of and song by,
Laird o' Cockpen, The, 417.