EXTEMPORE PLAYING - online tutorial

40 Lessons in how to correctly play improvisations.

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8                               Extempore Playing
(i) Repetitions may be freely employed, but not over an accent, i.e., if any given note is taken on a weak beat it must not be continued into a strong one; e.g.,
This rule, however, need not be regarded at the first beat of the phrase.
(2) The bass, when taking two or more leaps, should progress in a chord-line, i.e., the separate notes should be such as would harmonize with one another if sounded together; e.g.,
these may be corrected by turning:
We are now ready to try playing phrases upon the key­board.
The following are the conditions summarized:
(1)   Commence on the I on any beat in the measure.
(2)   End with a perfect cadence.
(3)   Between these two points any of the principal triads may be freely repeated, provided the bass does not violate the conditions as to accent.
(5)   Every chord will be in root position, only three bass notes being available.
(6)   The soprano will take any note in the chord; but remember that the third is the most harmonious and pleasing when the root is in the bass.
(7)   Use only uniform rhythm, i.e., one chord to each beat.
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