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A Manual Of Morris Dances Folk-songs And Singing Games With Sheet Music And Instructions

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13.—FIGURE OF EIGHT. Music, once to yourself.
First Movement.
Bars 1 to 8.—1st man dances a figure 8 round 2nd woman and 2nd man, polka step eight times, as diagram (8 bars) :—
15.-—THE BONNY BREAST KNOT (Country Dance)— This dance is very similar to "figure of 8."
First Movement. The first woman dances a figure of 8 round the 2nd couple, first touching right shoulders with the man, then touching left shoulders with the woman. Meanwhile the first man makes a complete circle round in the opposite direction, that is, he passes to the right of the 2nd woman and behind her, crosses and passes the 2nd man right, shoulders touching, and behind, back to place, thus—
This takes bars 1 to 8.
The 1st man then makes the figure of 8, the 1st woman making the circle round the 2nd couple (bars 1 to 8a.)
Second Movement. The 1st couple dance down the middle and back (bars 9 to 16).
Third Movement.
Upsetting (bars 9 to i6«). This figure was called by the Sussex dancers " purling."
The 1st couple are now standing second; and repeat the same dance with the 3rd couple.
When the 1st couple are standing third, they begin dancing with the 4th couple. At the same time the 2nd couple (now top) start dancing with the 3rd couple, and the dance continues as in the previous ones.
This is danced by four dancers, across two sticks about five feet in length, laid crosswise on the ground. The step is simple, and consists of a hop on the left foot, and while the left foot remains on the ground the right foot is crossed in front of it and a tap is made. The right foot is then quickly withdrawn and a hop made with it in the original position ; the left foot is crossed in front of it and tapped, and then withdrawn quickly for the next hop. It is most important to note that while the tap is being made the other foot must not be lifted, though there will be a tendency to do this, as the hop is made on an unaccented note, and the tap on an accented one. If the dancer remembers to keep his weight on the foot which is performing the hop, he cannot go wrong. The step will, if properly performed, give a very pleasant syncopated effect.
third Movement.
Bars 9 to 16.—1st couple do same figure together, the woman passing in front of the man.
Fourth Movement.
Bars 9 to 16.—Upsetting. 1st couple change places with 2nd couple as in " Step and fetch her."
1st couple repeat dance round 3rd couple, and after the upsetting they dance round 4th couple ; at the same time 2nd couple start dancing round 3rd couple, and so the dance continues as in " Step and fetch her."
Music, once to yourself.
First Movement.
Bars 1 to 8.—Men take hands and women take hands, raised to about shoulder level. On 1st beat of bar 1 all advance three steps, R L R, and on 2nd beat of bar 2 put L toe to R heel and bob ; then retire L R L, bob, to bars 3 and 4.
Men and women change places, the men keeping hold of hands and thus forming arches for women to pass under ; pass partners, right shoulders touching (4 bars).
Bars 1 to 8.—Turn right about and face partners and repeat; this time women make arches for men to pass under.
Second Movement.
Bars 9 to 12.—All clap hands six times (4 bars).
Bars 13 to 20.—1st couple skip down the middle and back again to places.
Bars 9 to 12.—All clap hands six times, as before.
Bars 13 to 20.—1st couple change places with 2nd couple as in previous dances.
Repeat dance. This time 1st couple change places with 3rd couple.
Repeat dance, 1st couple changing places with 4th couple, and 2nd couple changing places with 3rd couple; and so on as in the other dances.
The jump is made by alighting with both feet together.
The stamp is made by bringing the R foot into position with the L, and stamping it on the ground.
The men should dance with hands on hips, and if girls are dancing they should hold their frocks.
The dance, which is very simple, can be performed in two ways, and as both versions are short, one can with good effect combine the two.
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