Esperance Morris Book vol 1 - online book

A Manual Of Morris Dances Folk-songs And Singing Games With Sheet Music And Instructions

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Morris and Country Dances, Folk Songs, Singing Games.
Our Folk Music List, gratis and post free, contains full particulars, contents, and illustrations of these works.
THE ESPERANCE MORRIS BOOK (5694). By Miss Mary Neal. A Handbook to folk music, containing also a large number of songs, games, and dances, with the music. Price 5/-.
The Hornpipe (1365). Recorded by Miss Cowper Coles. Price 1/-.
Greensleeves, and other old Dances (5704). Arranged by Miss Cowper Coles. Price 2/-.
Shakespearean Bidford Morris Dances (5623). Collected and edited by John Graham. Price 2/-.
Lancashire and Cheshire Morris Dances (5713). Collected and edited by John Graham. Price 2/-
Ancient Dances and Music (5675). As revived by Miss Nellie Chaplin. Price 2/-.
Court Dances and others (5707). Revived by Nellie Chaplin. Price 3/6.
Old English Country Dance and Morris Tunes (5645). Collected by Frank Kidson. Price 2/-.
Old English Country Dance Steps (5681). Arranged by Miss Cowper Coles (music in the two foregoing).
Price 2/-. Guild of Play Book, Parts I, II, and III (5634). By Mrs. Kimmins. Dances arranged by Mrs. Woolnoth.
Price 5/- each. Old Devonshire Dances (5640). Edited by Mildred Bult. Price 1/-. Folk Dances of Europe (5692). Collected and arranged from various sources. Price 2/6. Maypole Exercises (5261). By Miss E. Hughes. Edition with a fresh set of photographs now on sale. Price 1/-. Maypole Dances (5711). By W. Shaw. Price 1/-.
English Folk-songs for Schools (5120). Collected and arranged by S. Baring Gould, M.A., and Cecil Sharp, B.A. Staff, 2/6; Vocal, both notations, cloth, 1/-. Words only, 3d.; cloth, 6d.
Eight Hampshire Folk-songs (5627). Collected by Alice E. Gillington, Price 1/-.
Dialect Songs of the North (5712). Collected by John Graham. Price 1/-.
Old Christinas Carols (5702). Collected by Alice E. Gillington. Price 1/-.
Alice E. Gillington's Collections. Old Hampshire Singing Games (5673). Price 1/-.              Old Surrey Singing Games (5668). Price if..
Old Isle of Wight Singing Games (5685). Price 1/-.          Breton Singing Games (5703). Price 1/-.
Children's Plays from Old English Fairy Tales (5680). Arranged by Ursula C. Hutchinson. Price 1/-.
Note.—Bells, rosettes, hats, beansticks, maypoles and
braids can be procured from the publishers.
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