Esperance Morris Book vol 1 - online book

A Manual Of Morris Dances Folk-songs And Singing Games With Sheet Music And Instructions

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From Alice E. Gillington's ''Old Hampshire Singing Games," by permission.
Form up in couples holding hands across, as in "Oranges and Lemons" for three to pass under, singing;-
"Were going up to London town
London town, London town!
We're going up to London town, Heigh ho! Merry O!
The rest reply.-
London Bridge is broken down, etc. Heigh ho! Merry O!
The foxes :-
"Build it up with pins and needles etc. Heigh ho! Merry O!
"Pins and needles will break down, etc. Foxes.—
''Build it up with cabbage stumps," Repiy-
"Cabbage stumps will wither away." Foxes:-"Build it up with gravel and sand" etc. Reply-
"Some one's stole my guinea-gold chain
Guinea-gold chain,
Guinea-gold chain, Some one's stole my guinea-gold chain, Heigh ho! Merry O!
The two first drop their arms and catch the fox who goes out of the game,- then the song begins again with:-"Where are ycu two foxes going?" then:-"Where are you one fox going?" till the third fox is caught.
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