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A Manual Of Morris Dances Folk-songs And Singing Games With Sheet Music And Instructions

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The Dance in this case is :—
Hold sticks upright in right lists and knock together six times with partner on alternate sides of the stick (as picture, p. xiv).
Keep sticks crossed and dance right, left, right, hop right ; then left, right, alight on both feet (p. ix).
Repeat from clashing sticks.
When sticks are not being clashed, they must be held upright in fists, and at 3rd beat of 4th bar in chain, etc., they have to be knocked once. There is no step during this clashing of sticks.
RIGS 0' MAR LOW (Stick Dance).
In this dance partners tap sticks twice in the Sth bar in chain, cross, etc., every time it occurs. The sticks are held tightly in the centre as if for knocking. The right hand side (2, 4, 6) hold them horizontal, and the left hand side (1, 3, 5), tap the end nearest to them with the tops of their own sticks.
The step is :—
Left, hop left (1 bar) ; right, hop right (1 bar) ; and so on, except when tapping sticks.
The evolutions of this dance are as follows :—
Partners tap sticks on ist and 2nd beats of last bar of
"Once to yourself." Start on left foot. Hop down four bars, back four bars, tap on last two
beats. 8 bars. Down four, back four, tap twice. 8 bars. Face partner. Tapping. 16 bars. Chain. 16 bars. Tapping. 16 bars. Cross. 16 bars. Tapping. 16 bars. Back-to-back. lb bars. Tapping. 16 bars. " All in, " i.e., face as at start and strike sticks on last
Right hand side holds sticks horizontal, left side taps twice on ist and 2nd beat of bar 10. Then left side holds sticks horizontal, and right side taps twice on ist and 2nd beat, bar 12. Right side holds sticks horizontal again, while left side taps on ist and 2nd beat of bar 14, and 1st and 2nd beats of bars 15 and 16 (as diagram). The round dot shows the position of the hand.
For "Once to yourself" four bars of music is played ; at 3rd beat in 4th bar all make a slight jump and throw hands up to about level of face, then—
Down and back turn.") q uar
Up and back face. J
Hand clapping. 4 bars.
Half chain. 4 bars.
Hand clapping. 4 bars.
Half chain. 4 bars.
Whole chain. 8 bars.
Hand clapping. 8 bars.
Cross. 8 bars.
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