English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians

122 Songs and Ballads, and 323 Tunes With Lyrics & sheet Music - online book

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Notes                                       327
No. 24. The Maid Freed from the Gallows.
Texts without tunes:—Child, No. 95.
Texts with tunes:—English County Songs, p. 112. Folk Songs from Somerset, No. 121.
Journal of the Folk-Song Society, v., 228. American variants:—American Journal of Folk-Lore, xxi., 56; xxvi., 175. Musical
Quarterly, January, 1916, pp. 10 and 11 (without tunes). Wyman and Brockway's
Lonesome Tunes, p. 44.
No. 25. Johnie Scot.
Texts without tunes:—Child, No. 99.
Texts with tunes:—Motherwell's Minstrelsy, Appendix, tune No. 15. Child, v., p. 418.
"Taverin" in the text is "Italian," "Tailliant," "Itilian," or simply "champion" in other versions. Child throws light upon the incident by quoting a story (Revd. Andrew Hall's Interesting Roman Antiquities recently Discovered in Fife, 1823, p. 216) in which James Macgill of Lindores is offered a pardon by Charles II. upon condition of his fighting an Italian gladiator or bully. In the contest which ensues, "the Italian actually leaped over his opponent as if he would swallow him alive, but in attempting to do this a second time Sir James run his sword up through him and then called out, 'I have spitted him; let them roast him who will.'" A similar story is related of the Breton seigneur Les Aubrays of St. Bricux, who is ordered by the French King to undertake a combat with his wild Moor (Luzel's Poesies populaires de la France, MS., vol. 1).
No. 26. Sir Hugh.
Texts without tunes:—Child, No. 155. Miss Burne's Shropshire Folk-Lore, p. 539. Baring-Gould's Nursery Songs and Rhymes, pp. 92 and 94.
Texts with tunes:—Miss Mason's Nursery Rhymes, p. 46. English County Songs, p. 86.
Folk Songs from Somerset, No. 68. Journal of the Folk-Song Society, i., 264. Rim-
bault's Musical Illustrations to Percy's Reliques, p. 46. Motherwell's Minstrelsy,
Appendix, xvii., tune No. 7. American variants:—Journal of American Folk-Lore, xix., 293; xxix., 164. Newell's
Games and Songs of American Children, p. 76. Musical Quarterly, January, 1916,
p. 15 (three tunes).
No. 27. The Gypsy Laddie.
Texts without tunes:—Child, No. 200. Miss Burne's Shropshire Folk-Lore, p. 550.
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tunes); xix., 294; xxii., 80 (tune only); xxiv., 346; xxv., I7i-T75- Broadside by H.
De Marsan, New York (a comic parody).
No. 28. Geordie.
Texts with tunes:—Child, No. 209. Gavin Greig's Folk-Songs of the North-East, i., art. 75. Broadside by Such.
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