English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians

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No. i. The False Knight upon the Road.
Texts without tunes:—Child, No. 3. Compare, also, "Harpkin," Chambers's Popular
Rhymes of Scotland, p. 66. Texts with tunes:—Motherwell's Minstrelsy, Appendix, p. xxiv., and tune No. 32.
Child, v., 411. American variant:—Journal of American Folk-Lore, xxiv., 344.
The Introduction to version A, "A knight met a child on the road," sung by the singer by way of preface, is very unusual, if not unique.
No. 2. Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight.
Texts without tunes:—Child, No. 4. Gavin Greig's Folk-Song of the North-East, ii., art.
106. Miss Burne's Shropshire Folk-Lore, p. 548. Texts with tunes:—Journal of the Folk-Song Society, i., 246; ii., 282; iv., 116. English
County Songs, p. 164. Kidson's Traditional Tunes, pp. 27 and 172. Northumbrian
Minstrelsy, p. 48. Folk Songs from Somerset, No. 84. American variants:—Journal of American Folk-Lore, xviii., 132 (with tune); xix., 232,
xxii., 65, 76 (tune only) and 374 (with tune); xxiii., 375; xxiv., 344; xxvii., 90; xxviii.;
148. Wyman and Brockway's Lonesome Tunes, p. 82.
"My Colleen" in A may, or may not be, a corruption of the May Colvin, Colven, or Collins of other versions.
No. 3. Earl Brand.
Texts without tunes:—Child, No. 7. Gavin Greig's Folk-Song of the North-East, i., art.
57-Text with tune:—Northumbrian Minstrelsy, p. 31.
No. 4. The Two Sisters.
Texts without tunes:—Child, No. 10.
Texts with tunes:—Christie's Traditional Ballad Airs, i., pp. 40 and 42. Journal of the
Folk-Song Society, i., 253, and ii., 282. English County Songs, p. 118. Northumbrian
Minstrelsy, p. 61. Child, v., pp. 411 and 412 (three tunes). "Binnorie," arranged
by Dr. Arthur Somervell. American variants:—Journal of American Folk-Lore, xviii., 130 (with tune); xviii., 130
(without tune); xix., 233.
Compare the refrain in A, "Jury flower gent the rose-berry," with "Jennifer gentle and rosemaree," in "Riddles Wisely Expounded" (Child, No. I, B).