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1 An outlandish Knight from the North­ern lands He came a-courting of me. He said we should go to the far, far land, And there we should married be. "Go fetch me some of your father's gold, And some of your mother's fee, And two of the best of your father's nags. That stand by thirty and three."
2   She mounted with speed on her milk-
white steed, And he on a dapple-grey, And away they did ride to the water's side Six hours before the day. 4i Un-light, un-light, my lady bright,
Deliver thy steed to me; Six pretty maids have I drown-ed here, And the seventh thou shalt be.
3   Take oft", take off thy robe of silk
And lay it upon a stone, The gay, gay gown is all too good
To lie in a waterv tomb. Take oft", take off thy holland smock
And lay it upon a stone, The holland smock is all too good
To lie in a watery tomb."
4" If I must take off my holland smock Then turn away from me, For it ill befits an outlandish Knight
To view a stark lady. And never blink, but from the brink
Pluck all the thistles awav, That they may not tangle my golden hair Nor my milk-white skin may fray."
5   She gave him a push, and a hearty
push, And the false Knight pushed in. Saying " Swim, O swim, Outlandish Knight, Thou never the land shall win." She mounted with speed her milk-white steed, And she led the iron-grey, And away did ride to the Castle's side Two hours before the day.
6  The parrot he sat in the window high,
And he laughed shrill, and did say, I'm afraid some ruffian came here last night And carried my lady away. Her father was not so sound asleep.
But he heard what the bird did say, And he call'd, "What waketh my pretty parrot So early before the day ? ;
" The cat was up at the window high,
And the cat he would me slay, So loud I did cry for help to be nigh
To drive the cat away." Well turn'd, well turn'd, my pretty parrot,
A good turn done to me, Thy cage shall be made of the glittering goid
And the door of ivory.
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