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i There were three brothers in merry Scotland, In Scotland there lived brothers three; And lots they did cast which should rob on the sea, To maintain his two brothers and he.
2   The lot it did fall upon Henry Martin,
The youngest of all the three, All for to turn robber upon the salt sea. To maintain his two brothers and he.
3   He had not been sailing a long winter's night
And a part of a short winter's day, Before he espi-ed a lofty stout ship,
Come a-bibbing down on him straightway.
4   How far are you bound for? cried Henry Martin;
O where are you bound for? cried he. I'm a rich merchant ship bound for merry England, And I will you to let me pass free.
5   O no! O no! cried Henry Martin,
That thing it never could be; For I've turned a robber all on the salt sea, To maintain my two brothers and me.
6  Come, lower your topsail and brail-up your mizzen,
And bring your ship under my lee, Or a full flowing ball I will tire at your tail, And your bodies drown in the salt sea.
7   With broadside and broadside and at it they went,
For fully two hours or three, When Henry Martin gave to her the death shot, And listing to starboard went she.
8  The rich merchant vessel was wounded full sore;
Right dpwn to the bottom went she. And Henry Martin sailed away, sailed away, To maintain his two brothers and he.
g Bad news! bad news! unto fair London town, Bad news 1 will tell unto thee; They've robbed a rich vessel and she's cast away; All the sailors drowned in the salt sea.
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