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The Dubliners Songbook (450+ songs) with lyrics and chords for guitar, ukulele banjo etc. Also with PDF for printing.

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The Dubliners Songs Lyrics & Chords
The Dubliners were an Irish folk band founded in Dublin in 1962. The band started off as The Ronnie Drew Ballad Group, named in honour of its founding member; they subsequently renamed themselves as The Dubliners. The group line-up saw many changes over their fifty-year career. However, the group's success was centred around lead singers Luke Kelly and Ronnie Drew, both of whom are now deceased. The band garnered international success with their lively Irish folk songs, traditional street ballads and instrumentals. The band were regulars on the folk scenes in both Dublin and London in the early 1960s, until they were signed to the Major Minor label in 1965 after backing from Dominic Behan. They went on to receive extensive airplay on Radio Caroline, and eventually appeared on Top of the Pops in 1967 with hits "Seven Drunken Nights" (which sold over 250,000 copies in the UK and "Black Velvet Band". Often performing songs considered controversial at the time, they drew criticism from some folk purists and Ireland’s national broadcaster RTÉ had placed an unofficial ban on their music from 1967-71. During this time the band's popularity began to spread across mainland Europe and they appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show in the United States. The group's success remained steady right through the 1970s and a number of collaborations with The Pogues in 1987 saw them enter the UK Singles Chart on another two occasions.[3] The Dubliners were instrumental in popularising Irish folk music in Europe, though they did not quite surpass the popularity of The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem in the United States. They influenced many generations of Irish bands, and their legacy can to this day be heard in the music of artists such as The Pogues, Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly. Much adored in their native country, covers of Irish ballads by Ronnie Drew and Luke Kelly tend to be regarded as definitive versions. One of the most influential Irish acts of the 20th century, they celebrated 50 years together in 2012, making them Ireland's longest surviving musical act. Also in 2012, the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards bestowed them with a Lifetime Achievement Award. The Dubliners announced their retirement in the autumn of 2012, after 50 years of playing, following the death of the last of the founding members, Barney McKenna.However, the surviving members of the group, with the exception of John Sheahan, continue touring under the name of "The Dublin Legends". (Ref Wikipedia)


Many of the songs on this site are in the public domain or traditional categories, however this cannot be guaranteed, and should you wish to use them as a basis of a performance or for any non-personal study purpose you are advised to contact the copyright holders (where available, copyright info has been included with the song). These transcriptions are made by many different individuals from all over the world for their own research and instruction, and as such are liable to great variation in interpretation and opinion. They are being shared on this site for educational purposes only, please see our copyright page for more info.

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7 Drunken Nights-Dubliners
A Bunch Of Red Roses-Dubliners
A Comical Genius-Dubliners CRD
A Gentleman Soldier-Dubliners
A Muirsheen Durkin-Dubliners
A Nation Once Again-Dubliners
A Parcel Of Rogues-Dubliners
A Pub With No Beer-Dubliners
A Pub Without Beer-Dubliners CRD
A Song For Ireland-Dubliners
A Song For Ronnie-Dubliners CRD
Air Fa La La La-Dubliners
Air Fa La La Lo-Dubliners
Alabama 58-Dubliners
All For Me Grog-Dubliners CRD
All For Me Grog-Dubliners
And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda-Dubliners
Back In Durham Gaol-Dubliners
Back In Durham Jail-Dubliners CRD
Ballad Of St. Annes Reel-Dubliners
Banks Of The Roses-Dubliners
Bantry Girls Lament-Dubliners
Biddy Mcgrath-Dubliners CRD
Biddy Mulligan-Dubliners CRD
Biddy Mulligan-Dubliners
Black Velvet Band (tooral I Addy)-Dubliners
Black Velvet Band 2-Dubliners CRD
Black Velvet Band-Dubliners CRD
Black Velvet Band-Dubliners
Black Velvet Band Ver3-Dubliners CRD
Blantyre Explosion-Dubliners
Bold Odonaghue-Dubliners
Bombo Lane-Dubliners
Boots Of Spanish Leather-Dubliners
Bucket Of Mountain Dew-Dubliners CRD
Bugger Off-Dubliners CRD
Building Up And Tearing England Down-Dubliners
Bunch Of Red Roses-Dubliners CRD
Buncloudy-Dubliners CRD
Button Pusher-Dubliners
Carrickfergus-Dubliners CRD
Carrickfergus Ver2-Dubliners CRD
Cavan Girl-Dubliners CRD
Cavan Girl-Dubliners
Champion At Keepin Them Rollin-Dubliners
Champion At Keepin Them Rolling-Dubliners
Champion At Keeping The Rolling-Dubliners
Champion At Keeping Them Rolling-Dubliners
Cill Chais-Dubliners
Cod Liver Oil-Dubliners
Come And Join The British Army-Dubliners CRD
Come And Join The British Army-Dubliners
Come And Join The British Army Ver2-Dubliners CRD
Crooked Jack-Dubliners
Croppy Boy-Dubliners
Dainty Davey-Dubliners
Dainty Davy-Dubliners
Dancing At Whitsun-Dubliners
Danny Farewell-Dubliners
Darby Oleary-Dubliners CRD
Darby Oleary-Dubliners
Dicey Reilly-Dubliners CRD
Dicey Reilly-Dubliners
Dicey Riley-Dubliners
Dirty Old Town (live)-Dubliners
Dirty Old Town-Dubliners
Donegal Danny-Dubliners CRD
Donegal Danny Crd1-Dubliners
Donegal Danny-Dubliners
Donnegal Danny-Dubliners
Dont Get Married-Dubliners CRD
Dont Get Married-Dubliners
Dont Give Up Til Its Over-Dubliners
Dont Give Up Till Its Ove-Dubliners CRD
Down By The Glenside-Dubliners
Dr Hook-Dubliners CRD
Drink It Up Men-Dubliners CRD
Drink It Up Men-Dubliners
Dublin Fusiliers-Dubliners
Dublin In The Rare Old Times-Dubliners CRD
Dublin In The Rare Old Times-Dubliners
Dublin In The Rare Oul Times-Dubliners
Easy And Slow (live)-Dubliners
Easy And Slow-Dubliners CRD
Easy And Slow-Dubliners
Eileen Og-Dubliners CRD
Englands Motorway-Dubliners CRD
Farewell To Carlingford-Dubliners
Fiddlers Green-Dubliners CRD
Fiddlers Green-Dubliners
Fields Of Athenry-Dubliners CRD
Fields Of Athenry Ver2-Dubliners CRD
Finegans Wake-Dubliners
Finnegans Wake-Dubliners CRD
Finnegans Wake-Dubliners
Finnigans Wake-Dubliners
Foggy Dew-Dubliners CRD
Foggy Dew-Dubliners
Foggy Dew Ver2-Dubliners CRD
Foggy Dew Ver2 Tab-Dubliners
For What Died The Sons Of Roisin-Dubliners CRD
For What Died The Sons Of Roisin-Dubliners
Four Green Fields-Dubliners
Free The People-Dubliners CRD
Free The People-Dubliners
Free The People Ver2-Dubliners CRD
Further Along-Dubliners
Galway Races-Dubliners
Galways Races-Dubliners
Gartan Mothers Lullaby-Dubliners CRD
Gentleman Soldier-Dubliners
Glendalough Saint-Dubliners
Go To Sea No More-Dubliners CRD
Go To Sea No More-Dubliners
God Save Ireland-Dubliners
Gypsy Rover-Dubliners
Hand Me Down Me Bible-Dubliners
Hand Me Down My Bible-Dubliners CRD
Hey Johnny Mcgorry-Dubliners
Hey Johnny Mcgory-Dubliners
High Germany-Dubliners CRD
High Germany-Dubliners
Holy Ground-Dubliners
Home Boys Home-Dubliners CRD
Home Boys Home-Dubliners
Hot Asphalt-Dubliners CRD
Hot Asphalt-Dubliners
Humpty Dumpty-Dubliners
I Knew Danny Farrell-Dubliners
I Loved The Ground She Walked Upon-Dubliners CRD
I Loved The Ground She Walked Upon-Dubliners
I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me-Dubliners CRD
I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me-Dubliners
I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me Ver2-Dubliners CRD
I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me Ver3-Dubliners CRD
I Wish I Was Back In Liverpool-Dubliners CRD
I Wish I Were Back In Liverpool-Dubliners
If Ever You Go To Dublin-Dubliners CRD
Ill Tell Me Ma-Dubliners CRD
Ill Tell Me Ma-Dubliners
Ill Tell My Ma-Dubliners
Im A Freeborn Man-Dubliners
Im A Man You Dont Meet Every Day-Dubliners
Im A Rover-Dubliners
Im Asking You Sergeant Wheres Mine-Dubliners
Irish Rover-Dubliners CRD
Irish Rover-Dubliners
James Larkin-Dubliners
Jar Of Porter-Dubliners
Joe Hill-Dubliners CRD
Joe Hill-Dubliners
Joe Hill Ver2-Dubliners CRD
Johnny Mcgory-Dubliners
Johnsons Motor Car-Dubliners
Johnsons Motorcar-Dubliners CRD
Johnstons Motorcar-Dubliners
Kelly The Boy From Killan-Dubliners
Kelly The Boy From Killane-Dubliners
Killiebum Brae-Dubliners
Killieburn Brae-Dubliners
Killieburn Braes-Dubliners CRD
Killieburne Brae-Dubliners
Lannigans Ball-Dubliners
Lark In The Morning-Dubliners
Leaving Nancy-Dubliners
Leaving Of Liverpool-Dubliners CRD
Leaving Of Liverpool-Dubliners
Lifeboat Mona-Dubliners CRD
Limerick Rake-Dubliners
Liverpool Lou-Dubliners
Lock Up Your Daughters-Dubliners CRD
Lord Of The Dance-Dubliners
Louse House At Kilkenny-Dubliners
Louse House In Kilkenny-Dubliners
Love Is Pleasing-Dubliners
Lowlands Of Holland-Dubliners
Luke A Tribute-Dubliners
Maid Of The Sweet Brown Knowe-Dubliners
Maids When Your Young-Dubliners CRD
Maids When Your Young Never Wed An Old Man-Dubliners CRD
Maids When Your Young-Dubliners
Maids When Youre Young Never Wed An Old Man-Dubliners
Maloney Wants A Drink-Dubliners
Many Young Men Of Twenty-Dubliners
Master Mc Grath-Dubliners CRD
Master Mcgrath-Dubliners
Matt Hyland-Dubliners
Mcalpines Fusilers-Dubliners
Mcalpines Fusiliers (live)-Dubliners
Mcalpines Fusiliers-Dubliners CRD
Mcalpines Fusiliers-Dubliners
Molly Bawn-Dubliners
Molly Maguires-Dubliners CRD
Molly Malone-Dubliners CRD
Molly Malone-Dubliners
Molly Malone Ver2-Dubliners CRD
Monto Tab-Dubliners
Mormon Braes-Dubliners
Mountain Dew-Dubliners
Mrs Mcgrath-Dubliners
Muirsheen Durkin-Dubliners CRD
Muirsheen Durkin-Dubliners
Muirsheen Durkin Ver2-Dubliners CRD
Nancy Whiskey-Dubliners
Navvy Boots (live)-Dubliners
Navvy Boots-Dubliners
Nelsons Farewell-Dubliners CRD
Nelsons Farewell-Dubliners
Net Hauling Song-Dubliners
Never Wed An Old Man-Dubliners
Night Visiting Song-Dubliners
Now Im Easy-Dubliners
Off To Dublin In The Green-Dubliners
Oh I Loved The Ground-Dubliners CRD
Ojos Negros-Dubliners
On Raglan Road-Dubliners CRD
On Raglan Road-Dubliners
Oro Se Do Bheatha Bhaile Intro-Dubliners CRD
Paddy On The Railway-Dubliners
Parcel Of Rogues-Dubliners CRD
Parcel Of Rogues-Dubliners
Patriot Game-Dubliners
Peat Bog Soldiers-Dubliners
Peggy Gordon-Dubliners CRD
Peggy Gordon-Dubliners
Peggy Lettermore-Dubliners CRD
Peggy Lettermore-Dubliners
Phil The Fluters Ball-Dubliners
Ploughboy Lads-Dubliners
Poor Old Dicey Riley-Dubliners
Poor Paddy On The Railway-Dubliners
Preab San Ol-Dubliners CRD
Preab San Ol-Dubliners
Prefad San Ol-Dubliners
Protect And Survive-Dubliners
Quare Bungle Rye-Dubliners CRD
Quare Bungle Rye-Dubliners
Raglan Road-Dubliners
Ragmans Ball-Dubliners
Rambling Rover-Dubliners
Rare Old Mountain Dew-Dubliners CRD
Rare Old Mountain Dew-Dubliners
Rare Old Mountain Dew Tab-Dubliners
Rare Ould Times-Dubliners
Rattling Roaring Willie-Dubliners
Rising Of The Moon-Dubliners
Rocky Road To Dublin-Dubliners
Rocky Road To Dublin Tab-Dubliners
Roddy Abcorley-Dubliners CRD
Roddy Abcorley-Dubliners
Roddy Abcorley Ver2-Dubliners CRD
Roddy Maccorley-Dubliners
Rose Of Allendale-Dubliners
Sally Wheatley-Dubliners CRD
Sally Wheatley-Dubliners
Salonika-Dubliners CRD
Sam Hall-Dubliners CRD
Sam Hall-Dubliners
Sands Of Sudan-Dubliners
Saxon Schilling-Dubliners
Saxon Shilling-Dubliners
School Days Over-Dubliners CRD
Schooldays Over-Dubliners
Scorn Not His Simplicity-Dubliners CRD
Scorn Not His Simplicity-Dubliners
Sea Around Us-Dubliners
Sea Shanty-Dubliners
Seven Deadly Sins-Dubliners CRD
Seven Deadly Sins-Dubliners
Seven Drunken Night-Dubliners
Seven Drunken Nights (live)-Dubliners
Seven Drunken Nights-Dubliners CRD
Seven Drunken Nights-Dubliners
Seven Drunken Nights Ver2-Dubliners CRD
Sick Note-Dubliners
Smith Of Bristol-Dubliners CRD
Smith Of Bristol-Dubliners
Song For Ireland-Dubliners CRD
Song For Ireland-Dubliners
Song For Ireland Ver2-Dubliners CRD
South Australia-Dubliners
Spancil Hill-Dubliners
Spancill Hill-Dubliners
Spanish Lady-Dubliners
Springhill Disaster-Dubliners
Springhill Mining Disaster-Dubliners CRD
Springhill Mining Disaster-Dubliners
Springhill Mining Disaster Luke Kelly Version-Dubliners CRD
Step It Out Mary-Dubliners
Sullivan John-Dubliners
Sweet Thames Flow Softly-Dubliners
Ta An Coileach Ag Fogairt An Lae-Dubliners
Take It Down From The Mast-Dubliners CRD
Take It Down From The Mast-Dubliners
The Auld Triangle-Dubliners
The Band Played Waltzing Matilda-Dubliners
The Banks Of The Roses-Dubliners CRD
The Banks Of The Roses-Dubliners
The Black Velvet Band-Dubliners
The Bold Princess Royal-Dubliners CRD
The Bonny Boy-Dubliners
The Bonny Shoals Of Herring-Dubliners
The Button Pusher-Dubliners CRD
The Button Pusher-Dubliners
The Call And The Answer-Dubliners
The Captains And The Kings-Dubliners CRD
The Captains And The Kings-Dubliners
The Comical Genius-Dubliners
The Crack Was Ninety In The Isle Of Man-Dubliners
The Craic Was Ninety In The Isle Of Man-Dubliners
The Croppy Boy-Dubliners CRD
The Dandelion Market-Dubliners CRD
The Death Of The Bear-Dubliners
The Dublin Fusiliers-Dubliners
The Dublin Jack Of All Trades-Dubliners
The Dublin Minstrel-Dubliners CRD
The Dundee Weaver-Dubliners CRD
The Dundee Weaver-Dubliners
The Ferryman-Dubliners
The Fields Of Athenry-Dubliners
The Foggy Dew-Dubliners
The Galway Races-Dubliners
The Galway Shawl-Dubliners
The Gartan Mothers Lullaby-Dubliners
The Gentleman Soldier-Dubliners
The Glendalough Saint-Dubliners CRD
The Glendalough Saint-Dubliners
The Goal Of Cluain Meala-Dubliners CRD
The Greenland Whale Fisheries-Dubliners
The Holy Ground-Dubliners CRD
The Holy Ground-Dubliners
The Inniskillen Dragoons-Dubliners
The Irish Navy-Dubliners CRD
The Irish Navy-Dubliners
The Irish Rover-Dubliners
The Jail Of Cluain Meala-Dubliners
The Jail Of Cluan Meala-Dubliners
The Jar Of Porter-Dubliners CRD
The Kerry Recruit (live)-Dubliners
The Kerry Recruit (one Morning In March)-Dubliners
The Kerry Recruit-Dubliners CRD
The Kerry Recruit-Dubliners
The Lark In The Morning-Dubliners
The Last Of The Great Whales-Dubliners
The Last Thing On My Mind-Dubliners CRD
The Last Thing On My Mind-Dubliners
The Leavin Of Liverpool (live)-Dubliners
The Leavin Of Liverpool-Dubliners
The Leaving Of Liverpool (live)-Dubliners
The Leaving Of Liverpool-Dubliners
The Lifeboat Mona-Dubliners
The Limerick Rake Tab-Dubliners
The Little Beggarman-Dubliners CRD
The Lord Of The Dance-Dubliners
The Louse House At Kilkenny-Dubliners
The Louse House In Kilkenny-Dubliners
The Louse House Of Kilkenny-Dubliners
The Lowlands Of Holland-Dubliners CRD
The Lowlands Of Holland-Dubliners
The Maid Of The Sweet Brown Knowe-Dubliners CRD
The Manchester Rambler-Dubliners
The Manchester Ramblers-Dubliners CRD
The Mero-Dubliners
The Molly Maguires-Dubliners CRD
The Molly Maguires-Dubliners
The Monto-Dubliners
The Newry Highway Man-Dubliners
The Night Visiting Song-Dubliners CRD
The Night Visiting Song-Dubliners
The Nightingale-Dubliners CRD
The Nightingale-Dubliners
The Nightingale Ver2-Dubliners CRD
The Old Alarm Clock-Dubliners CRD
The Old Alarm Clock-Dubliners
The Old Orange Flute-Dubliners
The Old Triangle-Dubliners CRD
The Old Triangle-Dubliners
The Ould Triangle-Dubliners
The Partin Glass-Dubliners
The Parting Glass-Dubliners
The Patriot Game-Dubliners
The Ploughboy Lads-Dubliners
The Pool Song-Dubliners
The Pub With No Beer-Dubliners
The Ragmans Ball-Dubliners
The Rare Auld Times-Dubliners
The Rare Old Time-Dubliners
The Rare Old Times-Dubliners CRD
The Rare Old Times-Dubliners
The Rare Oul Times-Dubliners
The Rare Ould Times-Dubliners
The Rising Of The Moon-Dubliners
The Rocky Road To Dublin-Dubliners
The Rose-Dubliners
The Rose Of Allendale-Dubliners CRD
The Sea Around Us-Dubliners
The Sick Note (live In Carre)-Dubliners
The Sick Note-Dubliners
The Spanish Lady-Dubliners
The Sun Is Burning-Dubliners CRD
The Sun Is Burning-Dubliners
The Thirty Foot Trailer-Dubliners CRD
The Thirty Foot Trailer-Dubliners
The Town I Loved So Well-Dubliners CRD
The Town I Loved So Well-Dubliners
The Town I Loved So Well Ver2-Dubliners CRD
The Town I Loved So Well Ver3-Dubliners CRD
The Town I Loved So Well Ver4-Dubliners CRD
The Travelling People-Dubliners
The Twang Man-Dubliners
The Unquiet Grave-Dubliners CRD
The Unquiet Grave-Dubliners
The Waterford Boys-Dubliners
The West Awake-Dubliners
The Wests Awake-Dubliners
The Wild Rover (live)-Dubliners
The Wild Rover-Dubliners CRD
The Wild Rover-Dubliners
The Wild Rover Ver2-Dubliners CRD
The Wild Rover Ver3-Dubliners CRD
The Zoological Gardens-Dubliners
Thirty Foot Trailer-Dubliners
Three Lovely Lassies From Kimmage-Dubliners
Three Score And Ten-Dubliners
Tibby Dunbar-Dubliners CRD
Tibby Dunbar-Dubliners
Town I Loved So Well-Dubliners
Tramps And Hawkers-Dubliners CRD
Tramps And Hawkers-Dubliners
Van Diemens Land-Dubliners
Viva La Quinta Brigada-Dubliners
Weila Waila-Dubliners
Weila Waile-Dubliners
Weila Waile Walia-Dubliners
Weila Wallia-Dubliners
Weila Weila-Dubliners
Weila Weila Waile-Dubliners
Weila Weila Weila-Dubliners
Weile Waile-Dubliners CRD
Weile Waile-Dubliners
Weile Weile Weile-Dubliners
Welia Welia Walie-Dubliners
Whack Fol De Diddle-Dubliners
What Will We Tell The Children-Dubliners
When The Boys Come Rolling Home-Dubliners
Whiskey In The Jar (live)-Dubliners
Whiskey In The Jar-Dubliners CRD
Whiskey In The Jar-Dubliners
Whiskey In The Jar Ver2-Dubliners CRD
Whiskey In The Jar Ver3-Dubliners CRD
Whiskey In The Year-Dubliners
Whiskey On A Sunday-Dubliners CRD
Whiskey On A Sunday-Dubliners
Wild Rover-Dubliners CRD
Wild Rover-Dubliners
Wild Rover Ver2-Dubliners CRD
Will The Circle Be Unbroken-Dubliners
Will You Come Back To The Bower-Dubliners
Will You Come To The Bower-Dubliners CRD
Will You Come To The Bower-Dubliners
Willie Gannon-Dubliners
Woman From Wexford-Dubliners
Working Man-Dubliners
Zoological Gardens-Dubliners

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