Handling download & PW problems.

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When you purchase a download version I will email you the download 
information you need.

The email contains: The address of the page with the download links, 
and a password to allow the downloaded files to be unpacked/installed.

Occasionally when installing the TML product, right at the end, you may get a report that two 
.HTM files are corrupt, please just ignore this, everything will work ok. However,
if as soon as you start you get corrupt file messages right away, it usually means that the password
has an error - most common is accidentally adding a space when copying and pasting the password.


Your goal is to first download ALL parts of of the file to your desktop,
there are different numbers of parts for different products:

TML 6 parts 
e.g. tmlfiles.part01.exe,tmlfiles.part02.rar, 
tmlfiles.part05.rar, tmlfiles.part06.rar

NWC 3 parts

FSL 1 part

All Traditional vol 1 7 parts

Just the tune volumes 5 parts each.

Just the Tune & All Traditional Series:

AT1 7 parts, JTT 1,2,3,4,5,7 all have 5 parts, JTT 6 has 6 parts.
(Note that the file parts are all the same size except the that which is slightly smaller.) Folk Song library (FSL) has one part. When this is done you double click the .exe file to install it. Installation creates a folder on your hard disk with all the needed files in it and a shortcut on your desktop. Once installed you can move or delete the part1, Part2 etc files from the desktop, just leaving the shortcut. You can find more information on installation and copying the download to a CD HERE. Note that you MUST have all parts of the file present on the desktop (or in the current folder) when you install or you will get error messages. How to do it. You need to have your email program AND your browser running at the same time for the first part of this procedure, and the email program AND the downloaded EXE file for the second part. When they are both running you will see two boxes on the your task bar[*], one for the browser and one for the email program. If you click on one of these it will bring that program to the front, click it again to minimise it. (* The bar along the bottom of the screen with the start button on the left end.) The procedure. 1) Run your email program with the email I sent visible on screen. Click on the download address given in the email. 1a)Cut the address from the email by moving the cursor to the EXACT end of the address line, hold down the left mouse button and drag to the left so that the whole of the address but no more is highlighted release the mouse button. Now while the address is highlighted press and hold down the control key(CTRL), now press the C key, the address line is now stored to the clipboard. Click on the browser button on the task bar to bring it to the front. Click in the browser address bar somewhere to the right of whatever is displayed there this will highlight whatever address is currently there. Now press and hold down the control key and at the same time press the V key. This will place the saved address into the browser address bar. Click the browser go button (just to the right of the address entry space) or hit enter - this should bring up the browser password box. 2) The download page should now appear. Click on the link for the first file a box marked "File download security warning" may come up, click the SAVE button and a new "save As" box will come up, make sure this will set where the downloaded file will be saved. It is recommended to use the desktop by selecting it in the "Save in" drop down. If you don't choose Desktop make sure you make a note of what it says in the "save in" box as otherwise you may have problems finding where your files downloaded to. Do NOT change the file name just accept what it gives e.g. tml.files.part01.exe or what ever. Click the Save button and the download will start. (Note that you may get a security warning about the EXE files but just affirm that you want to download them.) Repeat the procedure until you have all parts of the file downloaded. ***************************** IT IS VITAL ************* that you MUST chose SAVE and NOT run on the download step above otherwise you will only download part of the first file and it will hang with nothing happening. ******************************************************* 3)Close down your browser completely as we will not need it anymore, but do NOT close down the email program. Minimise the email program so you can see the desk top or browse to wherever you downloaded the files. Double click part 1 (the EXE file), you may get a security warning "publisher could not be verified" etc, just ignore this. Click the run button, and the Enter password box appears, bring up the email window and copy the second password as follows: 4)Select the password in the email by moving the cursor to the EXACT
end of the password line line, hold down the left mouse button and drag to
the left so that the whole of the password, but no more, is highlighted,
release the mouse button. Now, while the password is highlighted, press and
hold down the control key(CTRL), now press the C key, the password line is
now stored to the clipboard. 5)Minimise the email program so you can see the password box again, insert the password as follows.
Click the the mouse cursor somewhere in the password box so you see
the cursor flashing in the very left end of the box. Hold down the control
key an press the V key just once. The password should now appear in the box(as marks), check that it is the right length and that you did not accidentally double it by hitting the V key twice or get extra characters or spaces added to the beginning or end, which of course would mess it up. 6)Click ok and a new box appears, click accept, and then a new box asking you to choose where to install the files will appear, make your choice, click the install button and installation will begin. Notes: That this procedure makes NO changes to your computer or settings, it only unpacks the files to the directory specified, to uninstall all you have to do is to delete the files. Some rare email programs may not allow proper cut and past operation. You can test this by cutting and pasting some text from an email to a word processor to see if it comes over ok. If not you may have to type in the pass words. The pass words used are computer generated and may contain some rare characters not on your regional keyboard type. If you need to type in characters that are not on your keyboard, with a windows PC you can usually produce them by holding the ALT key and typing a number on the numeric keypad. For example, you can get a £ sign with ALT 156. It is beyond the scope of this document to give all the codes but you can find them at: http://www.theasciicode.com.ar/ See Extended ASCII characters table. Hope this helps Rod.