Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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Docey corners—to dos-a-dos or pass back to back with the corner or left hand lady.
Dos-a-dos—to pass back to back with a person. Advance to this per­son and pass to the left (that is, pass right shoulder to right shoulder), step to the right so you are both back to back, and with­out changing the direction in which you face, encircle him and back up to your own position. See page 106.
Do-si-do—the same as docey-doe and it is the more usual spelling.
Double elbow—a more complicated right and left grand, hooking el­bows and turning instead of merely taking hands and passing. As the gentleman meets each lady he hooks right elbows with her and turns for four counts, then reverses and hooks left elbows with her and turns for four counts. He then advances to the next lady and does the same with her, and so on around the set. See page 157.
Eight hands round—eight persons join hands in a circle.
Ends—first and third couples in a set.
Feet—the foot couple or third couple. If the second couple is active the fourth couple becomes foot couple.
Figure eight—to pass between two persons (or two couples) encircle one of them, pass through again and encircle the other, in a path which resembles the figure eight.
First couple—the couple standing nearest the head of the hall.
Five hands round—five persons join hands in a circle.
Foot or foot couple—the third couple, or the couple opposite the active couple.
Forward and back—advance four counts and return backwards four counts to place.
Forward two, three, four, six, etc.—as many persons as designated advance four counts.
Four and a half or
Four hands half—two eouples join hands in a circle of four and turn to the left until they have exchanged places, that is, a circle of four makes a half turn.
Four hand mill—four persons join right hands shoulder high and pivot clockwise around their joined hands, or join left hands if so directed and circle in the opposite direction.
Four hands full around—two couples' join hands in a ring and circle to the left once around so each couple is in same position from which they started circling.
four hands half-r^m fmr <m& & half above.
Fowr hcmds r<nw$^fcwo wjplea t&lfce hands in a ring and circle to the left^rotU next direction is given, usually-followed by a daceyrdoe.
Four hands up~^4tke same; 'as four hands r®u%a\
Pmrih <m&$&4^$®$ 0Oii|Hlt to Ae left of fee Mrst couple and opposite
{fatfJto* fo'fjPWrj ^^rf^l^-^^i; it couple 4ancfetg round with joined ''•ta^^Si^lte'r^S^-ll#4f|e: Wnl&ke a circle of four, or includes
, ,'^^^ ^fe^^t^^r^^^^ ''IP^.ff^te^I^, ^ircdl^ of eft, etc. ^