Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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Allemande left—the gentleman takes the left hand of the lady on his left with his left hand and walks once around her as she walks around him. Each returns to place. Usually followed by grand right and left.
Allemande left just one—the same but not followed by the usual grand right and left. Each goes back to his own place, ready for next call.
Allemande right—very uncommon, and usually follows an allemande left. Each dancer turns partner around by the right hand, and back to place.
Arch—a couple joins inside or near hands and raises them high for another couple to pass under.
Balance—can be done with anyone according to direction but usually with partner, in which case each steps back from the other four steps, drops into a slight curtsy, and then steps forward four steps together again. Sometimes it is done with only two steps back and forward.
Balance home—as usually danced, it apparently means for a couple to return to their home position, but to be correct they should balance to each other when they get home, and at the same time the three other couples should balance.
Balance-swing—after balancing to each other, the couple takes regular dance position,, the lady's right hand in gentleman's extended left hand, her left hand on his right shoulder, and his right arm around her waist. They should stand a little off center, or sideways, right hip .touching right hip, and swing rapidly around in place with walk­ing steps so quick and vigorous as to be aware of considerable cen­trifugal fo?ce or swi$g. The rotation is rifht-face or clockwise. Most balances are conclude with this swing.
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