Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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b) The second and third ladies advance to each other, take right hands, pass by each other, and give their left hands to the left hands of the opposite gentlemen. Each gentleman turns half around with the lady so that she continues in the same direction toward the next man, even though he is in the next set. She takes alternately a lady with the right hand, then a man with the left, and continues thus until she reaches the wall at the end of the hall, having passed through all the sets. Here the last man turns her around and sends her back through the line again.
Each man takes a lady coming one direction with his left hand, makes a half turn with her, sending her on in the same direction, and then takes a lady coming from the other direction and gives her a half turn. This makes him turn continuously to the left.
The two men at the extreme ends of the hall each take an oncoming lady, and turn her completely around themselves and back into the line again. The end gentlemen make a full turn each time (but only half as often as the line men) and always turn to their left.
Each lady must go to each end of the hall and be turned back by both of these end men before returning to her partner to stop at the end of the figure.
3. See page 153 for explanation or substitute any other end­ing given there.
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If there are enough sets on the floor, this same dance through all the crosswise sets can be done, just as described above for the lengthwise.