Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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Now touch the wall at the other end
And turn back through till you're home again.
Duck and dive, duck and dive,
Pep up boys and act alive.
Duck and dive, duck and dive,
Regular old time cattle drive.
Duck and dive, duck and dive,
Some'll batch and some'll wive.
Duck and dive, duck and dive,
Cost a one spot, worth a five.
Duck and dive, duck and dive,
Keep on ducking 'til you arrive.
3. Now you're home and everybody swing. A left allemande and a right hand grand. And promenade.
Repeat 2 and 3 for fourth couple.
» B »
In calling the two preceding dances, it makes a nice combination to let couple one do inside arch and outside under within the set, then couples two and four do it for the length of the hall, then couple three do it again within the set.
You will note there is no introduction or Part 1 to this call since it starts with couple number two and usually follows some other figure (preferably the preceding dance) done by the first couple.
This dance for the length of the hall is usually done, alas, with only the second couple going out to the right and the fourth couple remaining inactive. It was so given in the first edition of this book, since I had seen it danced in no other way. But this leads to inevitable collisions and disputes as to who shall go over and who shall go under. The more com­plicated your traffic rules become the more insistent each collider gets that he is right. At last the obvious dawns. Twice as many couples are going one way as are f oinjg the other, ^|ff timflic rule can keep litem oat of trouble.
If tlfie^jl the second m(Jt fourth couple^ both go Gut to the r£g)||g|^^rw3|J|f ^ap ap&iiy gcntpleig going ope way a$ the oilier ^|j|fe|f|*^^, fesolMt The feead oq^plo arch over, the ftij^'fP$^f^i^p( ^M|^.fii^ #$petf |^e^3ee(^;veo*u|rfe f^e the samfe-^tie li^            0a 'itct1^ feai'iI^'ite group
of f o»> ^^mMrwm m^^m fowfh mm^ MW tfca foot