Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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n) The couples come together at the foot of the hall, and march four abreast up the middle, when they reach the head the first four turn right and the second left, and so on alternately, forming two columns of four each, marching along the side walls. At the foot the fours pivot and meet and march up the center eight abreast.
o) On the command they stop and each couple pivots in place, the girl circling left around her man who turns in position as a pivot and the new-formed lines of eight now march back toward the foot of the hall.
p) Then on command they all remain facing toward the foot of the hall and at the same time march backward toward the head of the hall. Then the two ends of each group of eight bend around together and they make a ring of eight with hands joined, and all circle to the left.
q) The first and second couple in each set face each other (and at the same time the third and fourth do the same) and pass through each other, each giving the opposite person the right hand in passing, and each couple joining left hands as soon as they have passed through. Each man holding his lady's left hand, puts his right hand behind her back, and turns her leftabout-face around him. The two couples pass back through each other, turn in the same way and are again back where they were, facing each other.
r) The two men stand and send their ladies to the center between them. The ladies take right hands and pass each other, giving their left hands to the opposite men. Each man takes the lady with his left hand, puts his right behind her waist and pivoting, turns her completely around him to the left 9,nd back towards her own partner. As the ladies pass they again take right hands and give their lefts to their partner?, who pivot again and turn them to place.
s) Each couple now takes promenade position (hands joined in front with partners) and marches to the other couples place (passing to the right—gentlemen passing left shoulders). They pivot arorad left face $$td laciaig: eadi ®%§r 4p a right an4 UH feacfc to pJ&ce, (I$sftc$fr "III*; saw* ff&lfc* seeowt ba|f of explanation.