Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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f)   When they meet at the head of the hall, the two lines pass each other again, this time with the men circling on the inside of the ladies.
g)   When the two columns meet at the foot of the hall they march up the center two by two, with the ladies back on the same side, to the right of the gentlemen, as when they started.
h) As soon as the double column fills the length of the hall, they stop. The men and women face each other and take four steps backward, separating the two lines.
j) The two lines advance to each other four steps and separate again. They advance and the two lines pass through each other (each person touching his partner by the right hand in passing so as to pass to the left) and continuing on until each line stands in place of the other. Each individual does a rightabout and the two lines advance to each other again and fall back again. Then they advance and pass through to their own places. They all do a rightabout and face each other again, and the two lines advance and form a double column again facing the front of the hall, k) The column marches to the head of the hall—turns right and marches around the wall to the foot. It marches clear across the foot of the hall and then doubles back on itself, so that every couple passes every other marching in the opposite direction. At the other side it can double bade again ai*d thus "serpentine" as long as desired, 1) On the command the eolcimn tuna^ dowft eeiifer. The first couple face each o€her? jofe fc^s#? and the others pass umter their Joiped hands. 4$ soon as'Ste second eoupte > p$a$e& vmkef they too |oSii hanfe Then, the tfoird '3p&eh eotspfe in $fre> a&9MS *& it passes under t|ie last p&it 'ol.^lawfe^'^ite ii^ tftftdge longer for ;.tftbiBf <.j$sk ;4fr*. .pap; t$i$ttffa Whffft "&11' have "passed *%fQ0t$i ^^^t^f^^'w^Bsm jwftftr,'. followed by the jgcr^^ti^                                        now reformed,
^1'/Tllif1^                                   and tfc0 second couple left
4^-^^^^^tm^fii fdlt% the'opposite direction, so ^%A^^m^Wm.wm^ &rouji4, one along either wall.