Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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q) First and second couple right and left through, And the sides the same. Right and left back.
r) Noiv the tivo ladies change. And change right hack.
s) Now half promenade. And right and left home.
3. Noiv swing, sioing, and swing yem all day. Now allemande left in the same old tvay, And right and left grand around the ring Hand over hand tvith the dear little thing. Promenade, oh, promenade.
n » 0 This can be repeated with the second, third, and fourth couples leading, each time marching in a different direction, or it can be followed directly by any other dance the caller may choose.
1.  See page 151 or substitute any other introduction given there.
2.  a) The first lady and gentleman separate four steps
from each other and swing. They then promenade around the set inside the other three couples, and finish in their original position but facing the opposite direction, or "towards the wall" with their backs to the center of the set.
b)   The second couple does the same except that they stop directly behind the first couple facing in the same way as the first couple.
c)   The third couple steps forward and stands directly behind these two and the fourth couple moves over and gets in line behind the third couple. This puts all the sets on the floor lined up in a column of couples.
d)   They all march, forgetting their sets and making one long column. The ladies turn to the right and the gentlemen to the left and each single file circles around the outside of the hall.
e)   When they meet at the foot of the hall the ladies pass to the inside and the two files continue past each other.