Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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d)   All four gentlemen swing their own partners with a waltz step on the last words of this phrase.
e)   All four gentlemen face their partners, and, starting with the right foot, advance with a waltz step touch­ing right hands, pass each other and turn back on a waltz-balance step, pass each other, touching left hands on the third measure, and turn back to each other with a waltz-balance step.
f)   They all join hands in a large circle and with a pro­nounced dip take four waltz steps to the left.
g)   Each lady lets go the gentleman in back of her and, still holding her partner's right hand in her own left, she is swung by him toward the center of the circle, once under his arm (rotating leftabout-face) to give her a complete spin and to a position beyond him in the circle. They let go hands and all dance to right around the circle in single file with a waltz step.
h) Each gentleman turns outward from the circle (to the right) and back to the girl behind him (his own partner still) and waltzes with her. (It is better if all four couples do a waltz balance dip at the same time before waltzing. See page 100.)
The music now repeats (e), (f), (g), and (h) (sixteen measures) and in this time each couple have waltzed once around the set, (in promenade direction and all rotating to the right) and should be back in their own positions ready for the next repetition.
s $ a
Pass fem by the right And pass 'em by left
offers enough difficulty that it may merit a more detailed analysis of the f ootwprfc The lady and gentleman each use identical footworfe.
Advance toward youpir partner with a right step (at the same time claspihf right hahds), step on beyond with a left step, and close tibe right imi to the left Now step on be­yond with a lef% bpt put this I^ft foot down at right angles to ydqx lihe of mpfeii and pomi&ig directly to your right. Then el<^& yoni r%ht to the §|$e of your left turning as you do so, aftd pit ymrMi dowh %ain in its same position but point-