Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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c)   The lady go on and the gent catch up.
d)   Three by three in a pokey-nine, Three by three in a pokey-oh, Three by three and on you go.
e)   The lady go on and gent catch up. Three by three in a pokey-nine, Three by three in a pokey-oh, Three by three and on you go.
f)   The lady stay there and the gent catch up. Notv circle four, oh, circle four.
g)   And docey-doe with the gent you know, The lady go C and the gent go doe.
3. Balance home and swing 'em all night, Allemande left go left and right, Some'll go right and some'll go le-e-fb. Promenade, oh, promenade.
Repeat for second, third, and fourth couples.
1.  See page 151 or substitute any other introduction given there.
2.  a) The first lady and gentleman step back from each
other four steps, then come together and swing. The lady then goes right to the second couple and the gentleman turns left to the fourth couple.
b)   The first lady and second couple join hands and the three circle to the left. At the same time the first gentleman and the fourth couple circle three in the same way. And often the caller joins the third couple making another circle of three and dances while he goes on with the call. Any odd person from the side lines joins the third couple of each other set, so that in each set there will be three circles of three each— for a "pokey-nine." After the word pokey-oh they all reverse and circle right.
c)   The lady advances to the third ewple, the gentleman advices to the second, and tfc& cailet or the odd pei^n ip each ^et ^dv^n^^ to ^ fourth.
A) f5l4 tferee circle® fcmm left ag&Ia and llmi reverse w m (b).