Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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couple follows them through and around the third, swinging in the same way but timing the swings and passage so as not to interfere with the other couple.
f)   The first couple after their second swing advances to the fourth couple. While they do so the second couple executes their second swing and on the words "third follow up" the third couple swings in place (in order to give the second couple the proper lead) and then follows the others to the fourth couple.
g)   Now a procession of three couples passes between and around the fourth couple exactly as in (b) and (c) and each couple swinging each time they meet in the center. With a little care and careful timing, there will be no confusion or collisions on the part of good dancers. Each must make a good large circle out and around the fourth lady and fourth gentleman, in order to leave adequate time for the other couples to swing. And each couple must be careful not to come together between the swinging couple and the fourth couple, but come in from the side or even a little behind from a good large circle, before they take their swing.
h) Each couple takes the final swing and returns to place. However, if the first couple swings directly to place, they are apt to collide with the second gentleĀ­man who at that time is coming in from the side to meet his lady. So, if the first couple swings directly back or towards the second couple's position and then around to its own place, this collision can be avoided. The second couple, of course, goes naturally to its own position and thus avoids collision with the third. While the third swings to place, the fourth couple which has been patiently standing till now also swings in place, and all are ready for the epding.
3. See page 152 for explanation or substitute any other endĀ­ing given there.