Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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bl) And lohen you get there
Just give them a swing.
And when you do that
Remember my call— cl) It's allemande left dl) And promenade all.
Repeat three more times.
3. (Usually omitted or any ending can be used.)
B B » It is apparent that this call was originally sung to its own special music. Sometimes we hear it now sung to the Irish Washerwoman. But usually today it is called, not sung.
1.  See page 151 or substitute any other introduction given there.
2.  a) Each gentleman steps behind his own lady and ad-
vances to the next lady on his right. (The first gentle­man advances to the second lady.)
b) c)
He takes regular dance position with her and swings twice around.
He then returns to his original lady and turns her
once around with his left hand. (, the first gentleman does an allemande left with the first lady.)
And then returns to the lady he ha& just swung (that
is, the first gentleman returns to the second lady). And he promenades with her ajoun$ the set and back to his own position* This meains each Jady has dropped bac?k one positioit Aftfr three naore repetitions each lady is back h$Pl§ wife\l®m partner. al, bl) Each lacjjr '«$*;$ fea|riiii ber partner and advances to the m&M Mfd jjdte: belt l^t'a^f fw|ng$ with1 him.
She d<ies $$£ ^#fifa^ie; t|tl Vii|i jtejr original partner. t$;^''3&*tai ^'^BWiing^ promenades I^^^Bri^^N^iAis^l tb^Mc^i-^o fetis podiit^on. At ^|ffb;;b^eMi 'fim |fe<se *mtQ finally l^rfenef l$pj$e more, •
__F. __^11__rr, iw^,^r__.__ ;th0( 4ftbc« is usually ^ded, ihcm^^lm-'^&mt/'^Mlm'wm^ be wsesi if m desired.