Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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of the set, while the gentleman turns left and waltzes alone around the outside of the set and back to place.
c)   As they meet each makes a deep bow to the other and at the same time the other couples bow low to each other.
d)   Each turns and bows to the corner lady. (Don't hurry. Do not take dance position with corner until the words, "Swing on the corner.")
e)   Then each man takes his corner lady in regular dance position, swings her once around, and waltzes her around the set. It is important that each couple keeps its relative position the same while waltzing and that each follows the exact path of a promenade around the set, rotating always to the right to keep from breaking the symmetry of this path. Each must be back in place in exact time for the call when it continues.
al) Each gentleman now has a new lady beside him. The first couple (with a new lady) repeats the above enĀ­tire. After dancing the whole dance four times (once with each lady) each gentleman has his partner back. And the call continues with "Second couple down center."
Note: Instead of calling Swing on the corner which is the standard form, some callers substitute Dip to the corner and waltz promenade, in which ease the waltz starts with the balance step described on page 100 instead of with a swing.
In Illinois they usiially call the first and third couples <mt at the some time. They waltz past each other across the center of the set. Each lady turns right around the outside of the set, and each gentleman to the left As the gentlemen pass the opposite ladies behind the side couples they pass to the outside giving the ladies the shorter path. This cuts the dance in half and keeps more people in action all the time. After the head couples have danced four times and have their own ladies back the aide couples do the same.
The call cocild be:
Mead vowples dpwn center
^Lmdifyere they divide Tk@ bodies go right
Amdikegemis pass outside
Wf^ fc^f^r §pf partners, etc.