Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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the second couple do (b) corners bow all the way round, the third couple do (c) docey partners all the way round, and the fourth couple either do (d) "swing" with left and right all the way round. Or better yet the fourth couple can summarize (adding the new figure (d) ), by doing the whole combination dance as given in 2 above thus changing the figure for each couple, or repeat (a) for (d) m this combination.
Divide the Ring" and Forward Up Six
1.  One foot up and the other foot
down, Grab your little sage hens and
swing em round. Allemande left as you come doivn, Grand right and left and so on
Meet your partner and promenade.
2.  a) First couple balance, first couple swing,
Down the center and divide the ring. The lady go right and the gent go left,
b)   And between side couples you stand.
c)   Forward up six and fall back six.
d)   Forward again and right and left through,
e)   Forward up six and fall back six, Forward again and right and left through.
f)   Same couple center and couple up foot, Four hands round and round you go. And the lady go si and the gent go do.
g)   Balance home and everybody swing.
3.  Swing your opposite across the hcdl, Now your own if she s not too small A left allemande and a right and left grand. And promenade.
Repeat 2 and S for second, third, and fourth couples.