Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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page 152). As they promenade, each gentleman again leans his left shoulder over so that all three touch and promenade in this close three-leafed form.
e) They all swing in and join hands again, this time including the fourth couple between the third lady and the first man. They circle again and do an allemande and right and left (see page 152). When they promeĀ­nade, they come close together, bend shoulders 'til the four gentlemen are leaning again and circle as a four-leaf clover.
See page 155 for explanation or substitute any ending given there.
Indian Circle
1.  War-whoop to center and war-
whoop back, Swing your little SQuaw til all her
ribs crack, And promenade like you had
feathers down your back.
2.  a) First couple out to the couple
on the right, Circle four in an Indian way, Hold your holds and re-sashay.
b)   Then promenade m single file, Lady in the lead and Indian style. Tutu right back and swing fem awhile.
Repeat (b) once.
c)   Now two, four, and six hands play, Hold your holds afid re-sashay.
b) Then promenade m single fu$ Lady in the lead and Indian style, Turn right back and swing fwwi awhile, Repeat (b) twice.
d)   Now 0/ two, fow, $ix, and eight J%a%$ play, Hold your hold$ and re~$asho?y*