Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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3. Now allemande left with your left hand,
Right hand to partner and right and left grand. Promenade eight ivhen you are straight
Repeat 2 and 3 for second, third, and fourth couples.
& & & This change is obviously derived from a New England Quadrille. And yet, it is the favorite square in Anson, Texas, where each circle is ended with a do-pas-o.
1.  See page 148 for explanation or substitute any introduc­tion given there.
2.  a) The first gentleman holding his partner by the hand
leads her between the second couple and around and behind the second lady.
b)   To the center of the set, where he does a right turn and circles back over his own track and passes again between the second couple and around behind the second gentleman to the center of the set.
c)   All four join hands and circle once around to the left.
d)   The first gentleman and the second lady let go hands, and he leads the line of four between the third couple and around behind the third lady to the center of the set. He loops to the right and turns back over his own track where the second lady has just barely got by and leads the line around the third gentleman. The path he follows is an exact figure eight, except that the final upstroke continues on and bends around the third gentleman. He now circles around the center in such a way that the second lady <&n join hands with the third gentleman, and feetak^a tfef kmd of the third lady, mqking a circle of $ix. ^f^ihia, few steps the circle is broken by his fofiBtaj.go the liand of the third lady* and l$e leads the lijb^^&x; to the fourth couple.
e)   He leai$ tfee*$ around behind the fourth lady to the center WJter¥the Ipeloojte back over its own track and tfeL$n bet^eeB the foiirth couple ag^in and around the f<mrtU gentleman, II no^ cireles until it picks up the lourtiti co^iptf between £h® third lady and the first ^mt&$mm* a*fl all eight circle to the left.
8. See page i&S or substitute any ending given there.