Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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e)   First lady and opposite gent Right hands cross, left hand back.
f)   Join rights with partners and balance in a line. With a gee and a haw
And a gee and a haw.
g)   Break in the center and swing half around, h) Cut a figure eight with the lady in the lead. j) Break in the center and swing half around,
Cut a figure eight with the gent in the lead. Now circle four in the Kentucky way. swing your rights, now your lefts, Now your own and balance home.
1.  See page 151 for explanation or substitute any introduc¬≠tion given there.
2.  a) First and third couples, holding hands, advance four
steps toward each other and then four steps back to place. They advance toward each other again and the first gentleman takes the third lady by the hand. This makes a curved line of four.
b)   The first lady now leads this line around behind the second couple by starting through the space between second and third positions and passing back to back around the second couple. Then she crosses the set diagonally and goes behind the fourth couple (between the third and fourth positions) completing her figure eight. The line of four faces the fourth couple in circling them.
c)   As the line reaches the center of the set the first lady and the third gentleman take hands and all circle four. The third lady and fir$t gentleman break holds, again forming a line of four and thus putting the first gentleman in the lead.
d)   The first gentleman now leads them all in a figure eight around the same path that was taken by his lady. As they reach the center of the set they again circle four and break and swing home.
3.  See page 152 for explanation or substitute any ending given ther^.