Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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the second couple and stand to the left of the third couple, with whom they join hands in a line of four.
b)   This line takes four steps to the center and then four steps back. They advance to the center again and remain there.
c)   Each side couple separates and advances to the center with the lady going down one side of the line of four and the gentleman going down the other. Each gen­tleman takes the opposite lady by the right hand and passes her. As each couple advances beyond the line of four, the lady puts her left hand in her partner's left, and, with his right hand around her waist, he turns her around so as to face the set again. The two couples each separate and return to their places now in the same manner, along either side of the line of four.
d)   Each lady advances along the line of four (the fourth lady in front and the second lady behind) to the opposite man. She gives her left hand to him and is turned around by him so that she returns down the opposite side of the four and her partner turns her to place by the left hand.
e)   The line of four bends into a circle of four and exe­cutes a docey-doe. (See page 160.)
3. See page 154 for explanation or substitute any ending given there.
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If it is desired to make the figure a little more compli­cated the line of four separates in the middle and the two ladies give each other right hands and pass each other through this gap. Continuing down the other side, they meet and are turned by the men as before.
For the most complex form, each lady in the center line of four advances to the nearest side lady (it is necessary for the first man to pass his lady around in front of him to meet the second lady), the other ladies being already in position. The ladies give each other right hands and advance to the next men giving them left hands. The two men in the line do a half turn, each passing a lady to the center. The two side men do a full turn sending their ladies back into the