Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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FORWARD SIX AND FALL BACK EIGHT                  263
the set and pass between the third couple. The lady turns to the right and stands at the left of the third gentleman. The first gentleman turns left and stands at the right of the third lady. They take hands four in a row.
b)   The four advance in a straight line four steps to the center of the set, and fall back four steps to place. Then with gliding steps the line of four circles around to right (each individual still facing center) until the line of four stands directly behind the fourth couple.
c)   Still holding hands in their row, the first lady gives her outside hand (left) to the fourth gentleman, and the first gentleman gives his outside hand (the right) to the fourth lady so that they form a very flattened circle of six, all facing center. This six advances to the center four steps and as they retire four steps, the second couple facing them goes with them. (This makes eight fall back.) Now the six advance again with the second couple who back up ahead of them to place. And the second couple stands in position, while the six retire to place. The four, still holding hands, slide around to the position of the first couple.
d)   They advance and retire again and then slide step around to the right and behind the second couple.
e)   Now they advance and retire as in (c) with the second couple, and the fourth couple following and preceding the six on the call of eight. They slide around to the right to the original position of the four.
f) They advance and retire again and then join hands and form a circle of four in the center of the set.
g) The two ladies do a dos-a-dos or back-to-back around each other. The two men dos-a-do&, and the four circle again to the left and finish with the regular docey-doe (see page 160 for directions).
h) The first couple returns home. All four couples balance with each other and then swing.
3. See page 153 for explanation or substitute any other end­ing given there.