Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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1.   See page 151 for description or use any other introduction given there.
2.   a) The first lady leaves her partner and advances to the
second gentleman.
b)   Taking right hands they swing once around.
c)   She returns, usually with a light skipping step, to her partner and swings him once around with left hands joined.
d)   She skips on to the third gentleman and swings him with the right hand, and returns to her partner and swings with the left.
e)   She skips on to the fourth gentleman and swings him by the right hand, and returns to her partner and swings with the left.
f)   She now takes a position in the center of the set. The rest of the set, seven of them, join hands and circle to the left, while she turns slowly in the opposite direction.
g)   She steps out and takes her partner's place in the circle, while he steps in to the center. All the while the circle continues to the left.
h) They all do an allemande left, the first gentleman stepping out to the fourth lady, of course, and turnĀ­ing her with a left allemande. (If the gentleman will always remember to break the circle as he comes out, at the only two ladies who are together, and do his allemande with the one who is not his partner, he can make no mistake.)
3.   The allemande left completed, they continue as described on page 152.
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