Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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Right hand to partner and right and left grand. Meet your honey and promenade.
Repeat 2 and 3 entire for second, third, and fourth
Often called Promenade the outside ring, and instead of sides the same sometimes called two off couples the same.
1.  See page 148 for directions or substitutions.
2.  a) First lady and gentleman step back from each other
four steps, then advance to each other and swing twice around.
b)   They take the promenade position and march around inside of the square, passing their own position, and advance to the second couple.
c)   First and second couple pass through each other. (See preceding page.)
d)   At the same time, couples three and four pass through each other in the same manner. All couples pass back to place.
e)   The first and second ladies change places as in the preceding dance and the third and fourth ladies change over and back at the same time.
f)   All couples take promenade position and first and secĀ­ond couples pass each other to the opposite's place (men passing left shoulders), make a left-about turn and again face each other. At the same time the third and fourth couples do the same with each other.
g)   Each couple passes through the opposite couple and back to place in the square.
h) Each group now joins hands in a circle of four and does a docey-doe. (See page 160 for directions.)
3.  See page 155 for directions for this ending.
This dance can be speeded up with more dancers in action if the first and third couples are called out at the same time. They promenade at the same time on opposite sides of the inside ring. In this case the call and the sides the same is of course omitted. For the repetition of the dance the second and fourth couples are called out at the same time.