Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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(Though I have often heard this call, the first line of its patter seems contradictory to the figure. And I have an uncorroborated feeling that up the rive?9 and around the bend was a southern phrase for the cdlemande left.)
Ladies doe and the gents you know, Four hands up and around you go! Around and around and a docey-doe.
(In older groups when a docey-doe call begins this way, the two ladies do a dos-a-dos or back to back, each lady ad­vancing to the opposite, passing right shoulders, stepping sideways back to back, and still facing the same direction walk backward to place (passing left shoulders in going back). The two men then do a dos-a-dos. And then they all circle four and do the standard docey-doe described above.)
Circle four
And swing your opposite with your right,
Noiv your partner with the left,
And on to the next
(This simpler call is sometimes substituted for the docey-doe with a group of beginners. You will note that it is actually the last half of the docey-doe and does not begin by the gentlemen passing the partner from right to left hand and around behind, then to the left, but takes up the figure from that point. Incidentally some groups do this twice, in place of a docey-doe, See page 117.)
Four hands half,
A right and left thru,
And on to the next.
(This is sometimes heard as a substitute for the docey-doe. The two couples join hands and circle left halfway around. The two couples then pass between each other, with the ladies passing between the opposite couple, and the gentlemen on the outside. Each gentleman should give his right hand to the opposite lady as he passes through, then take his partner's left hand in his left and with his right hand around her waist lead her to the next position.)