Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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(Explanation: Just the same as No. 20 but with con­tinuous patter to fill out the call. In No. 20 the caller has to stay quiet for a long while as the double elbow is being done. This call gives him something to amuse himself with.)
(22) Ending:
It's once and a half, boys,
Meet your partner and once and a half.
Sold my cow and vealed my calf,
Swing the reel with a once and a half!
Winnow the wheat and blow the chaff.
And swing the next one once and a half!
Make 'em chuckle and make 'em laugh,
swing the next one a half and the other half too.
When you meet your pard, you know ivhat to do!
It's promenade, boys, promenade!
(Explanation: Since this usually follows a grand right and left the first line is a warning line, and the second line starts the swing. There is enough patter to fill in most of the dance.
This dance must never be danced as in No. 21, the double elbow, although unfortunately and all too often it is care­lessly so danced. A once and a half, which is a common fig­ure in European folk dances, must be the origin of the dance, and the call has retained the phrase, but too often it is exe­cuted incorrectly as a double elbow. In a true once and a half which we should do for this call each gentleman swings his girl with his right elbow, completely around once and then continues for another half, which puts him beyond her. (That is, if he stands facing a girl, he hooks elbows, and swings her once around he will be back just where he started from. But if he continues a half swing more, he will be on the other side of her.) He then goes on to the next girl and hooks left elbows with her, swings once and a half and advances to the next. He hooks rights with her and swings once and a half with her, then on to the next with his left elbow. It is really grand right and left done without a re­verse, swinging each girl once and a half around, the first girl entirely with the right elbow, the second girl only with the left, the next girl with the right, and the last one with