Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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he returns to his partner, swings her and they all promenade. The second line is sometimes called "Now your right hand ladies all."
This is a common and delightful ending. To make it clearer let us illustrate for the first gentleman. He swings the third lady, then the fourth, then the second, and then his own.)
(17)   Ending:
Swing your opposite across the hall, Notv swing your corners, Noiv your partners, And promenade all,
(Explanation: A shorter version of No. 16 in which the gentlemen only cross the set once. By corners the gentle­men's original corners are meant, not the new corner count­ing from the opposite; that is, the first gentleman, for in­stance, swings the third lady, then the fourth lady and then his own.)
(18)   Ending:
Balance one and balance all. Swing your opposite across the hall. Now your own if she ain't too small And promenade, boys, promenade.
(Explanation: After a preliminary balance, this is a yet shorter version of No. 16, in which the gentleman swings the opposite lady and then right back to his partner. It sometimes ends with an allemande left and right and left grand before the promenade. The third line is sometimes called Now your own if you're not too tall.)
(19)   Ending:
Now swing your opposite across the hall, You haven't s%oung her since last fall. Now trot home and swing your own, And thank your stars the bird ain't flown. Now promenade.
(Explanation: The same as No. 18 but with a little patter to fill out the call.)