Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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(5)   Ending:
Allemande left, oh a left hand swing, Grand right and left around the ring, Hand over hand zvith the dear little thing. Promenade, boys, promenade.
(Explanation: Same as No. 2.)
(6)   Ending:
Left Allemande, and a right hand grand, Plant your 'taters in a sa?idy land, And promenade home!
(Explanation: Same as No. 2.)
(7)   Ending:
Allemande left
And grand right and left.
Meet yonr partner and turn right back.
(Explanation: Same as No. 2, except that when partners meet in the grand right and left they take right hands and turn completely around each oth6r, so they are facing in the opposite directions. Then they do a right and left in reverse direction until they meet their partners. They then promeĀ­nade in the regular direction.)
(This "turn right back" can be used with any right and left ending. It is sometimes called Meet your partner and take the back track.)
(8)   Ending:
Allemande ho, Right hand up, Around ive go! Promenade!
(Explanation: The same as No. 2 but reduced to the shortest call I have heard for this common ending.)
(9)   Ending:
Balance home and swing 'em all 'round, Allemande left as you come down, Grand right and left, and so on around. Meet your honey and promenade.