Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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(6)   Introduction:
One foot up and the other foot down, Grab your little sage hens and swing 'em
around. Left allemande and a right hand grand, And promenade, oh promenade,
(Sometimes "little heifers'' is substituted for "little sage hens/')
(Explanation: This is the same as JNo. 4, except that after the left allemande, when each man turns the left hand girl with the left hand he gives his right hand to his partner, and each passes by to the next, to whom they give a left hand, then the next with the right, etc., moving in a ser­pentine, all men circling to the right or counterclockwise and all the ladies circling to the left or clockwise. This, of course, is the grand right and left. When partners meet they take the promenade position and continue in the man's direction (counterclockwise) back to their places.)
See pages 47-53 for more complete discussion and illus­trations of the allemande.
(7)   Introduction:
Up and down and around and around, Allemande left and allemande aye, Ingo bingo, six penny high, Big pig, little pigt root hog or die.
(Explanation: Danced exactly the same as No. 6, but put up in a more fancy and colorful call, which was first given to me by an officer on the Denver police force who had remembered it from his boyhood.)
(8)   Introduction:
Everybody siring his prettiest gal. Left allemande and a right hand grand, And promenade, boys, promenade.
(Explanation: The same as No. 6 but without the pre­liminary jump or raised knee, it starts right in with the swing.)