Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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of confusion on the floor. If a set gets through reeling before the others, it, of course, waits for the call before going on with the dance, and soon they will all be working together at the same tempo.
I have shortened the call and modified it to the present form as best suiting my purposes. I assume that everyone is sufficiently familiar with the dance so that detailed direcĀ­tions are unnecessary.
Head lady salute the foot gent.
Opposite comers salute.
Head lady turn the foot gent with the right
hand 'round. Opposite corners turn with the right. Head lady turn with the left Opposite corners turn with the left Head lady turn with both hands 'round. Opposite corners turn with both. Head lady dos-a-dos (or back to back). Opposite corners dos-a-dos. Head couple join hands Down the center and back. Now hook right elbows And turn once and a half around. Now reel through the set
(That is, alternately hook right elbows with your partner and left elbows with the next person in line, the lady, of course, turning the gentlemen, and the gentleman turning the ladies, until you have reached the foot of the set.)
Head couple swing each other And march back to the head. Cast off and lead the lines around.
(That is, the gentleman leads the gentlemen, and the lady leads the ladies, marching down the outside of the lines until partners meet at the foot and either join hands to form a bridge, or join hands and pass under.)
First two couples join hands in a bridge And the rest pass under. Separate your two lines.
(Repeat as many times as necessary.)