Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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The first lady now continues in a figure eight by circling with a right turn around the second gentleman. In the mean­time, since "the gent don't go," the first gentleman, having circled the second lady, stops there standing beside her, and as his lady circles the second gentleman it brings her around between the two men ready for:
Four hands up and here we go Around and around with a docey-doe.
Taking hands in a circle, the gentlemen opposite each other, and the ladies the same, each gentleman with his own lady in his right hand, they circle to the left and then exe­cute the docey-doe described above. As they finish, the call goes on :
On to the next
With the lady fround the lady
And the gent so loiu.
And the lady Wound the gent
But the gent don't go.
And four hands up, etc.
They do the whole thing through the docey-doe with the third couple. Then on to the next and they do it all with the fourth. Then:
Balance home and everybody swing. Now allemande left with your left hand, Right to your partner and right and left grand. And promenade eight when you come straight.
They all do this general chorus figure of the allemande and right and left as described in Chapter Three.
Then the second couple is called out to the couple on the right, and the whole thing is repeated for them until they have danced the figure and the docey-doe with every other couple in turn, and finally balance home to join with all the others in another allemande left and grand right and left. It is then all repeated for the third couple, and for the fourth, and after this final grand right and left, the dance is ended with the call promenade to your seats or promenadeyou know where and I don't care.
Or if you want to follow the regular Western fashion and dance two squares in succession, you will call there you