Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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have demonstrated to the beginners, and helped them until they have learned it, and if each couple in the set has pracĀ­ticed it a few times with every other couple in the set, they should be ready for a dance and a chance to try it out.
You may use the first introduction that you learned in Chapter Three since it is the commonest and most usual form. Or if you want fun and action call:
All jump up and never come down Swing your honey around and around 'Till the holloio of your foot Makes a hole in the ground. Promenade, boys, promenade!
All of which simply directs them to jump playfully up in the air (and how they love to jump high and silly!) and then take the swing hold (modified regular dance position, see Chapter Four) and swing around and around until the call comes to promenade, when they take crossed hands and march once around the square, to the right, and back to their own positions ready for the dance proper to begin.
Now call:
First couple out To the couple on the right With the lady Wound the lady And the gent so low.
The first couple moves out to the second couple with the lady in the lead. The second couple separate from each other so the lady can pass between them and continue with a left turn by walking completely around the second lady. The first gentleman follows her around this lady. I am told that originally this was called and the gent also, but this was a little awkward and was sort of inverted to the gent so low. It is usually spelled "solo" when printed, perhaps because the man does a "solo" behind the lady. But since the accent is always on the second syllable as called, I have spelled it in the less frequent form.
The call continues:
And the lady 'round the gent But the gent don't go.